488 GTB Welcome to Greatness


488 GTB: Welcome to Greatness

— Monday September 12th, 2016

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Another brilliant edition to the fleet, mph club delivers once again. Welcome to the age of the 488 GTB. After Ferrari announced the retirement of the 458 there was a lot of doubt that greatness could once again be replicated. In the words of Ferrari themselves “The 458 Italia is the best v8 mid-engine Ferrari in History”. But once again they were able to not only replicate but also exceed greatness. The new 488 GTB is sleeker, lighter, features a nose similar to the LaFerrai, and has more power then its predecessor. The 488 has a mid engine 3.9-liter v8 twin turbocharged engine putting out 660 horsepower and 561lb ft. of torque.

Ferrari 488 GTB Interior and Exterior

After the announcement of the power package from Ferrari many fans were stumped, thinking the turbos would quiet down and take away from the signature sound, but that was not the case and you can tell as soon as you crank the engine. The 488 does 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, with a 7-speed dual clutch f1 gearbox the twin turbo engine responds with the immediacy of a naturally aspirated engine. There’s no doubt that if you get behind the wheel of one of these great machines you will go fast and that’s why the 488 features carbon ceramic breaks from the technology out of the LaFerrari.

The new aero package on the 488 not only features functional aero ducts to the turbos and intercoolers but it adds an additional 50% more down force overall letting you gracefully maneuver through corners with authority. If that’s not enough to make you jump all over driving the new 488 then the entertainment system will. Unlike older model Ferrari’s including the 458, the new entertainment system lets you connect your phone by aux cord or Bluetooth and play music. But who needs music when you have a beautiful chorus of 8 cylinders with twin turbos and equal length headers playing behind you.


Driving the new 488 is ball, its fast and easy and all the controls are located on the steering wheel, turn signals, wipers, comfort mode, sport mode etc. You never have to take your hands off the steering wheel unless you need to turn down the A/C. Next time you’re in Miami make sure to stop by mph club and rent the new Ferrari 488 GTB. You’ll be one of the only ones on the street and you’ll be sure to have the most memorable experience while you’re in town.