Airbus A319 | Jumbo Jet Chartering Miami

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Airbus A319 | Jumbo Jet Chartering Miami

Airbus A319 interior

Airbus A319 | Jumbo Jet Chartering Miami is the quintessential jumbo jet for business owners and sky meetings. What began as a commercial airliner manufacturer, Airbus has moved into the private sector seamlessly with smaller and lighter versions than their commercial counterpart. The corporate Airbus A319 holds 18 passengers extremely comfortably. The cabin is 78 feet long, 12.2 feet wide and 7.4 feet high, and has a total cabin volume of 5,900 cubic feet. No other private jets have wider or higher cabins, although the Boeing Business Jet does outstrip the A319CJ in length. The A319CJ was designed for heads of state and top corporate executives, so nothing in the cabin falls short in terms of luxury.

The cabin is split into several sections including VIP quarters, complete with a full office, bathroom, shower and ned;and a high-density passenger seating area. There three zones of the private jet include the following: cockpit, VIP area, and main seating area All three have separate temperature controls to ensure that all individuals remain comfortable.


View Miami like you’ve never seen it before, from thousands of feet in the air inside a luxury aircraft. This plane is great for trips, flights, and site seeing tours among other choices. Charter one today.

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Seats: 18

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541 MPH