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Beech Jet | Light Jet Chartering Miami | mph club®

Beech Jet 400A interior

Over time many things have changed in the jet chartering industry, but the BeechJet 400A remains a powerful and successful competitor in the entry-level business jet market. This airplane is leaps and bounds ahead of its older brother 400 with upgrades like greater cabin volume; a rear lavatory; and improved cabin soundproofing. These design modifications make the 400A a more efficient, spacious and comfortable light jet compared to its predecessor. Also 53 cubic feet of baggage space is an additional amenity.


View Miami like you’ve never seen it before, from thousands of feet in the air inside a turbo prop airplane. This plane is great for trips, casual flights, site seeing tours among other choices.

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Current Seat Count

Seats: 7

Top Speed

539 MPH