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Happy Birthday

Looking for the perfect Birthday gift for a loved one can be hard, but mph club® just made it easier. Driving in some of the worlds most expensive luxury and exotic vehicles is just a dream to some people, but why not make that dream a reality even just for a day and rent an exotic or luxury vehicle as a gift for someone you care about the most and give them the best surprise on their birthday. Giving someone the opportunity to be a driver or ride shotgun in an amazing car is a great gift and is something that you know they are sure to enjoy every lasting second of.

Happy Bithday from mph club

Mph club® has an amazing fleet of some of the worlds most prestige vehicles so choosing the perfect car to rent might be hard as there are so many to choose from. Anything that you feel would qualify as the perfect rental for a perfect birthday gift, mph club® has. If you are looking for something to ride around the streets of South Florida with your partner riding shot gun then renting an exotic two seater would be perfect, and if you are looking for something that screams flashy and speed we have the perfect suggestions.

From our Choice of Lamborghini’s, to our Ferrari’s down to our BMW I8 and more, we have a wide range of amazing cars to choose from. If speed is not your thing, then renting a car that screams luxury and is sure to be a show stopper such as the Rolls Royce would be perfect. We offer a chauffer service that is sure to make the ride in the Rolls Royce the best experience ever and truly a birthday gift that cannot be topped. So don’t waste time and rent the perfect surprise birthday gift with mph club® today.

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