Lamborghini fleet at Bull Fest 2016

BullFest Rally

Probably the largest rally featuring hundreds of one of the world’s most expensive exotic cars, the Lamborghini. Fiery engines, varying models of the car, and a vast spectrum of colors and custom made designs that are just unreal and could cause your jaw to drop, BullFest Miami 2016 was truly a phenomenal event to witness as well as participate in and of course the mph club® had to be there to show up and show out.

mph Espresso V10

Bullfest is an annual rally that brings together owners of a Lamborghini together for a two-day event filled with fun, excitement and of course the need for speed! This two-day rally consisted of great food, good music and amazing people from different places. It was a great way to network with people who have a passion for exotic cars as well as an amazing opportunity to witness over one hundred Lamborghinis all speeding down the highway, adding a thrill to your day.

The owner of Prestige Lamborghini Miami, Brett David, was one of the main sponsors of this rally and offered his Lamborghini dealership as the starting point for this event. Going from one surprise location to another, the excitement and thrill of each driver was definitely present throughout each day so there was no room for a dull moment. mph club® was there to support and partake in this thrilling event as well as rent out one of our Lamborghini’s to one of the drivers at the event who loved every minute driving in one of our main exotic rentals.

MPH Club Lamborghini Rental Miami

So if you are planning a trip next year to South Florida and are looking for exciting things to do in Miami, BullFest is definitely an event that you want to plan for and attend to make your trip that more exciting. Not an owner of a Lamborghini? Do not worry, because mph club® is here to the rescue. Rent a Lamborghini from our large fleet of exotic rentals to gain the full experience of not just being a spectator to the event but actually participating with the other hundreds of Lamborghini drivers that will be present which is an experience of a lifetime, and best believe we are all excited to see what BullFest has to offer next year.