Citation Bravo | Light Jet Chartering Miami

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Citation Bravo | Light Jet Chartering Miami

Citation Bravo interior

Citation Bravo | Light Jet Chartering Miami is a fuel-efficient update of Cessna’s best-selling private jet, the Citation II. It has a long range compared to other light-sized private jets with examples of non-stop flights including New York to Miami, Los Angeles to San Francisco, and Aspen to Southern California.
This aircraft is set apart from the competition in its level of comfort, designed with a very quiet cabin, fitted with bagged insulation and an isolated interior to eliminate the engine fan noise common in small private jets, and a secondary seal on the cabin door to cut wind noise.

The Bravo has several baggage compartments with a combined capacity of seventy-three cubic feet, or about eight suitcases, three golf bags, and a couple sets of skis. There is a convenient compartment beside the cabin lavatory for coats and carry-on items, and all of the seats have storage compartment beneath them.

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Current Seat Count

Seats: 7

Top Speed

464 MPH