Citation CJ2 | Light Jet Chartering Miami

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Citation CJ2 | Light Jet Chartering Miami

Citation CJ2 interior

Redesigned and ready to go, the CJ2 is bigger, faster, and better. The cabin stretched an additional thirty-three inches, the wingspan stretched an additional thirty-five. Its cruise speed outdoes the CJ by thirty knots with a significantly reduced fuel burn. The cabin typically holds six passengers and has a total volume of 240 cubic feet. Its three baggage compartments can carry a total of 1,100 pounds of luggage, all but 100 of which can be stored externally for a less cramped cabin. The cabin is 50 cubic feet larger than the cabin of the CJ1, allowing for an additional seat.

The CJ2 maintains the standard of private jet chartering with economy, simplicity, and performance. Examples of possible nonstop trips include Washington, DC to Denver or Seattle to Oklahoma City.

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Current Seat Count

Seats: 7

Top Speed

430 MPH