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Citation Encore | Light Jet Chartering Miami

Citation Encore

The Citation Encore is versatile, able to fly long distances and take off and land on short runways, and carry a large load. Passengers enjoy its smooth flight performance and cabin comfort. The cabin, which can hold eight passengers in fully reclinable seats, stretches to seventeen feet, five inches – the longest cabin of any light private jet.

The Citation Encore has a strategic use of seamless wall panels, indirect lights, and mirrors make the cabin seem larger than it actually is, giving you less of a compact feeling. Passengers will enjoy the cabin’s amenities, which include individual flat panel entertainment systems and audio jacks, power outlets, and the MagnaStar 200 radio phone. The Cessna Citation Encore is a dream-come-true private jet bringing versatile, economical, luxurious, and high-performance to the table.

Rather than one particular model of aircraft, the name applies to several “families” of turbofan-powered aircraft that have been produced over the years. Within each of the six distinct families, aircraft design improvements, market pressures and re-branding efforts have resulted in a number of variants, so that the Citation lineage has become quite complex. Military variants include the T-47 and UC-35 series aircraft.

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Current Seat Count

Seats: 8

Top Speed

492 MPH