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Citation V | Light Jet Chartering Miami | mph club®

Citation V interior

The Cessna Citation V charter jet was developed in light of the growing demand for increased cabin space in light jets. The Citation V is a stretched version of the Citation II, with 406 cubic feet of cabin space with an additional 75 cubic feet for storage.The Citation V has upgraded engines for improved all around performance. Typically, the Citation V has seating for up to eight passengers and has the ability to fly non-stop from LAX to Washington.
 Pilots aren’t the only ones that can appreciate the performance capabilities of the Citation V. Its average cruise speed of 415 knots per hour makes it a popular choice for 350 to 400 mile trips. Typical nonstop flights include Fort Lauderdale to New York, Aspen to Los Angeles, and San Francisco to Southern California.

The Citation V is known as a pilot-friendly jet, which also means an exceptionally safe one. Its pre-flight check is easy to carry out, with its organization designed with the pilots in mind. The jet handles well, especially in normal maneuvers and the landing approach configuration. The cockpit visibility of 340 degrees is unmatched by any other light private jets in its class, and managers and mechanics alike have repeatedly praised its reliability.

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