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It was in the first quarter of 2020 when COVID 19 hit the globe, and life was and will never be the same again. We now live in the new normal where we have to be at a safe distance from one another, wear masks and face shields to protect ourselves and disinfect anything that we get in contact with. We are more careful than ever. 

Despite the virus still present everywhere and this pandemic is still far from over, we try our best to live normally with much precaution. The same happens here at mph club. We are now operating business as usual, but for our clients’ assurance, we follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Covid 19 changed the world. And when our clients safety is jeopardized we are compelled to adapt. Introducing the new normal. Masks, sanitizer, and detailing cars is just a surface level response. 

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We do not run out of facts about COVID-19 as it flooded the television, the radio and social media for the past months now. We are well-aware that this virus is highly contagious and can infect someone if fluid particles from people with COVID 19 are inhaled. It can also be transferred by touching surfaces and things COVID-19 positive patients have touched and then touching parts of your face like the eyes, nose and mouth.

Statistics show that many have already recovered with COVID-19, but it can be fatal to the most vulnerable population like the elders and the younger ones—people with low immune systems.

The good news is—COVID-19 can be slowed down and even be stopped. Many countries have already ended the pandemic in their localities because of the caution and discipline in following the guidelines set by their localities. Many are enjoying the new normal life without the anxiety of contracting COVID-19.

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We know very well your concerns about renting cars during this pandemic because you’ll be using a vehicle that has been used by another person.
We also know that words can be difficult to trust. Even if we tell you several times that we disinfect our cars, actions are still better than words. Hence, in one of our In the Club segments in our YouTube Channel, we have recorded how we disinfect one of our Lamborghini cars using a steam disinfectant. 

Our level of experience delivering premium experiences doesn’t stop when it comes to public health. We utilize a Lamborghini powered steam disinfection system to sanitize the interior and the frequently touched surfaces of all of our luxury and exotic car rentals. When the world is rapidly changing so do business practices. 

We use standard and excellent disinfectant chemicals suited for exotic cars, so you can be assured that when you enter the cockpit, it is state of the art and also been thoroughly disinfected. Our cleaning employees are also trained to clean every corner and buttons in the car—leaving no area unclean. From the steering wheel to the most used buttons, to the seats, all parts of the interior are cleaned systematically. 

The exterior of the cars is of course given the same attention for cleaning. We assure you that our fleet of exotic cars are not only visually pleasing but also COVID-19 free and safe to ride.

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Our team is also composed of healthy individuals, so when you visit our office to pick your cars, you’ll be entertained by COVID-19 free car specialists. Of course, for safety and compliance to the law, we encourage you to still wear your mask and face shields and still practice social distancing in our office. 
You can skip this hassle and book in our exotic car rental by giving us a call. We can cut our face-to-face meetings to handling you the key to your desired car and then you can have a ride. We also offer delivery of our cars, so it can reach your doorstep without you having to travel from one place to another. We are for your safety and convenience.


Our cars are all disinfected before you rent them. –  All our exotic cars are initially disinfected, so they are ready anytime our clients need them. After every car rental, our cars are pampered and disinfected to make sure they are clean and safe again. We have been doing this even before the pandemic, but we are making it a bit extra now so COVID-19 won’t survive.

• We use current and trusted means of disinfecting a car.We use a special steam disinfectant for our Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Ferrari and other exotic cars. You can view a sample of car cleaning on our Youtube channel to get an idea. In this video, we are cleaning a Lamborghini. The materials used for the steam should be safe for exotic cars to retain its quality while being cleaned.

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• Our services never changed before, during and even after the pandemic.We are always for your convenience even before the pandemic. Our customer service is still the same. Even before the pandemic, we have been offering car deliveries for your rented exotic cars, and you can still expect the same today. Drop the inconvenience and worry of traveling to our site—we’ll deliver your desired car to you. 

Even before the pandemic, we have been offering 24/7 car assistance, and you can still count on us to be available just the same. Even before the pandemic, we already have awesome cars. It is not the same today because, honestly, we have more. We have welcomed new exotic and luxury cars in our fleet, and you can be the first one to drive them. 

Assured that the car you’ll be driving is COVID-19 free? Give us a call and experience freedom and bliss after months of lockdown and quarantines. Drive our fastest and most handsome supercars!

We pride ourselves on setting the standards and expectations high for the industry. In order to protect ourselves and fight the virus we need to make smart and thoughtful changes to our daily routine. Major rapid change can only happen with strong leadership. The world is watching lead by example.

Contact us now at 888-674-4044, so we can start discussing the details of your rental. Feel free to ask any questions about how we handle our cars during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll gladly answer your concerns.

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