The Delano Exotic Car Rental Miami

The Delano Hotel Miami

The Delano Exotic Car Rental Miami

The Delano Hotel, located on ideal oceanfront property in the heart of Miami’s South Beach, presents a unique village-like feel that no other hotel can boast. The Delano Exotic Car Rental Miami is known for its grand indoor/outdoor lobby, complete with decor like nothing you have ever seen, presents a marvelous rich feeling to every guest. Nothing screams class more than arriving at this gorgeous white hotel in our gorgeous Bentley Flying Spur luxury rental in Miami. Guests are naturally drawn to the outdoor environment of the Delano, stretching an amazing 7000 square feet, the serene environment contains an incredibly lengthy and beautifully designed pool, fantastic landscaping, and, on the far side of the hotel, a beautiful path to the beach. Alongside the swimming pool sits the Delano’s most sought-after two-story poolside bungalows complete with beautifully furnished rooms, a private patio, and rainfall showers.

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Every Delano room creates a unique white-on-white environment decorating the room from head to toe. Choose from many distinctively styled rooms, each complete with beautiful Irish Connemara marble, large decorative plants, hand-felted rugs, and plush, down bedding. Wake up to the beautiful setting of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy a lazed rooftop spa treatment at Club Essentia or participate in a heart-pumping fitness routine.

Located inside the Delano Exotic Car Rental Miami sits two beautifully styled restaurants. Bianca creates a fine Italian dining experience with a great sophisticated interior complete with world-class chefs to guarantee a delicious meal. Umi Sushi and Sake Bar offers guests a casual, yet full Japanese dining experience right in the grand lobby. Unique to the Delano is a very exclusive night club properly named after president FDR. FDR at Delano features celebrated DJ’s playing a variety of genres all tailored to make sure every guest is enjoying themselves. Don’t want to spend the night in the hotel? Make sure to optimize your South Beach experience in our magnificent white Mercedes Benz S-Class to match the Delano’s sense of style.