mph club® Visits Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital

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MPH Club Visits Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital

Exotic Car Rental Company, mph club® has combined their efforts with Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital for an exciting event that gives back to the community in more ways than one. mph club® believes in continuously finding new ways to give back to the community in ways that bring families together. The staff at mph club® and JDCH believe that a fun-filled day with patients will bring a feeling of joy and happiness that is a breakaway from patient’s normal daily activities. mph club® will arrive at the Children’s Hospital to showcase a few of their exotic cars (FerrariLamborghini etc.) to provide an amazing interaction with children and their favorite vehicles in a hands-on experience of a lifetime.

mph club® hopes to instill a sense of awe and inspiration in the Children of Joe DiMaggio’s Hospital. As one of the region’s leading pediatric hospitals, offering a comprehensive scope of healthcare services and programs in a child-friendly atmosphere, Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital is a full-service hospital, treating minor illnesses, trauma-related accidents and some of the most complex medical conditions.

“If we can make one child smile, I think we’ve achieved our goal. We want kids to understand that anything in this world is possible and through hard work you can achieve your goals and flourish.” Stac Yagu, mph club® Co-Founder said.

“We believe letting the patients have the opportunity to enjoy a personal experience with the vehicles that have influenced so much of our culture will give them a sense of joy as a powerful reminder of what possibilities lay ahead of them after they depart from the care of Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital,” explained Liram Sustiel, Co-Founder of mph club®.