Ride 2 Revive 2016

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MPH Club Ride 2 Revive

1,2,3 Go! Million dollar fast cars, plenty of happy children and people, and an event to remember, this all happened at the 8th Annual Ride 2 Revive charity event this year that put huge smiles on many faces. Ride 2 Revive is a charity event that is held each year by the Prestige Lamborghini Miami owner, Brett David, and his sister Brooke David that focuses on giving back to the community- in this case to children.

Ride 2 Revive focuses on giving back to children who fight for their lives on a daily basis dealing with life threatening terminal illnesses and what this charity does is it tries to take the stresses that they deal with on a day to day basis and allow these kids to have a fun filled day full of excitement in a relaxed stress free environment, and mph club® was most certainly there to help out for such a great cause. mph club® donated some of its cars as well as provided the event with some of our staff to volunteer and chauffer the kids around in some of the fastest cars in the world.

The different cars available for the event ranged from your Ferraris to your Lamborghinis, which definitely contributed greatly to this once in a lifetime experience for these children. mph club® is always willing to engage in activities and events that contribute to a great cause and Ride 2 Revive is definitely one of those. Appearances from channel 4 CBS news Miami was definitely a great way to bring more awareness to the event and the cause which is why Ride 2 Revive each year keeps on getting bigger and better.

The turn out at the event was amazing and the experience unforgettable for both the children and everyone that took the time to get involved and make a difference in these children’s lives. Ride 2 Revive is definitely a charity that mph club® will be involved in in the future years to come and we thank Brett David for allowing us to be a part of it. We cannot wait to see what Prestige Lamborghini Miami has under their sleeves for next years Ride 2 Revive event.