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Falcon 10 interior

Years ago Dassault gave the world a flying bullet: the Falcon 10.
You are getting one of the fastest aircrafts out there, but it is the equivalent of buying a classic Ferrari.The inside of the 10’s cabin features a cabinet opposite the entry door housing beverage storage followed by two to four small single seats and a three-place rear bench seat.
Behind and above the bench seat is a zippered fabric divider and cabinet door to the luggage shelf. The shelf is about a foot tall, five feet wide and four feet deep and can hold 500 pounds. While small by today’s standards, the 10’s cabin offers one big advantage, you can’t overload it.


With enough cabin room for plenty, the Falcon’s cabin is able to seat five to six passengers in an executive configuration (with four individual seats and a rear bench seat). The dimensions for the Falcon 10 are on the large side of the small cabin, light jets: 12.9 ft in length, 4.8 ft in height, and 5 ft in width. A lavatory and 12 cubic ft of baggage storage space are also features of the Falcon 10’s interior.


Dassault always brings the best-of-the-best aircraft to the market when it comes to quality. Falcon 10 executive owners love their aircraft, which is evident by the 226 Falcon’s built between 1973 and 1989. Even as an older model, the Falcon 10 is a good, medium-range aircraft for executive use and continues to be sought-after by many.

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