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At mph club, we support young, motivated individuals in search of possibility. The mph club Internship Program creates a platform for growth and learning through the avenue of exotic and luxury vehicles. Do you share our passion for modern automotive technology? Are you a fan of our vehicles and want to be a part of our mph club society? Our Internship Program will provide you with the inside scoop of how exotic car rental companies perform and strategically market high-quality content to our fans and clientele. Learn how to create marketing strategies, informative details about our fleet performance and work side-by-side by industry leaders who continuously push the envelope.

Test Drive | Lamborghini and Audi

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We don’t work, we hustle. Our team of dedicated individuals, including our co-founders Liram Sustiel and Stac Yagu, have dedicated 1000s of man-hours to perfecting a signature brand. Prepare for total immersion into our brand including marketing meetings, understanding our vehicle process and become an integral part of our company machine. We’re Miami’s premier concierge charter company and we provide an unparalleled experience. Benefits include:

Private Tour of mph club® Facility Includes Private Jets and Luxury and Exotic

VehiclesVehicle Training

Participation in Marketing Strategies

VIP Event Invites

Official mph club® Apparel

Much, Much More!

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