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King Air 350 | Light Jet Chartering Miami

King Air 350 | Light Jet Chartering Miami

The Beech King Air 350 is for people who want to make their airplane budget in stone. This is an executive turbo prop that provides high performance. It was designed with the corporate elite in mind.

mph club® would also like to mention the incredible bragging rights, the 350 has not been involved in a reported accident in the United States since the first one began flight in 1990. The King Air fleet has posted one of the best safety records of any private jet, but the 350 stands out as the best. The 350 is the biggest King Air with a cabin nearly three feet longer than the King Air 200B. That provides room for a spacious dual club seating arrangement, plus a large and private lavatory in the rear, and a full-sized person plus baggage can be carried in every seat.

mph club® provides business transportation for up to 8 passengers at a significatly cost-effective than a corporate jet with just as many seats. Other updates to the King Air 350 model include aerodynamically clean engine cowls and exhausts and extended wing leading edges.

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Current Seat Count

Seats: 8

Top Speed

360 MPH