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When Beech developed its big T-tailed King Air 200 it became the most popular turbine-powered business airplanes of all time. One of the most important of those details about this private jet is an engine switch on the new B200GT, giving the turbo prop more speed and a higher climb rate.
The King Air 200 reaches altitudes all the way up to its ceiling of 35,000 feet, climbing several hundred feet per minute higher.The Interior of the plane is all about space and has has several features including newly styled seats with more comfort and adjustments. The cabin sidewalls armrests integrated in them to provide more space and stronger and more durable tables between the seats. With the tuned dynamic vibration absorbers and better sound insulation system this turbo prop is not as noisy. A great plane to take out after a ride in an exotic car.

As the world’s most popular business aircrafts, this medium-range aircraft can land almost anywhere flawlessly in any conditions. The King Air 250 accomplishes these tasks better than any other aircraft in its class. With the addition of composite components and a new ram air recovery system that ensures maximum power, the King Air 250 continues to build on the reputation of keeping its passengers comfortable during every trip.
The King Air 250’s new composite winglets and propellers deliver substantial improvements in takeoff performance, without compromising-but actually increasing-speed, range and climb.

With a spacious, handcrafted interior, the King Air 250 is remarkably versatile and comfortable. New ergonomic yokes and a standard lighted chart holder increase crew comfort, while the square-oval cabin provides passengers with generous head and shoulder room. Elegant interior touches make the King Air 250 a serious business solution with outstanding amenities to match. .

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