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Learjet 35 | Light Jet Chartering Miami

Cessna Caravan interior

Learjet 31A/35 | Light Jet Chartering Miami is a breakthrough aircraft for a model in this category, that cabin is quite comfortable. The eight reclining passenger seats are arranged in a double-club configuration and have both in-base and floor tracking and slide and swivel motions. Outboard seat arms can be lifted and lowered. Fold-out tables deploy from the sidewalls. A large lavatory with sink, belted flushing commode and wardrobe is in the aft cabin. A small closet and refreshment center is opposite the main entry door.
The Learjet 35 is known for its extremely effective range. It can fly nearly 2,056 miles nonstop. The learjet also has great handling characteristics, a low fuel burn and quick cruise speeds as well. The Learjet holds a maximum of 8 passengers with 12.9 feet of length and 4.9 feet wide cabin space. Overall, the components of its engine have been used on much higher-performing jets.

The Learjet 35 has received some attention-grabbing honors since the first serial number rolled off the line. It was selected for use as a military jet, where it now operates with the name C-21. It was the first private jet to land at Denver International Airport when their new runway opened, and it seems to be a favorite among celebrities.

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Seats: 9

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430 MPH