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Learjet 45 is a breakthrough aircraft For a model in this category, the cabin is quite comfortable. The eight reclining passenger seats are arranged in a double-club configuration and have both in-base and floor tracking and slide and swivel motions. Outboard seat arms can be lifted and lowered. Fold-out tables deploy from the sidewalls. A large lavatory with sink, belted flushing commode and wardrobe is in the aft cabin. A small closet and refreshment center is opposite the main entry door.
The Learjet 45 is one of the rare jets that integrate new technology with a tested and successful older design. Being a Learjet, the 45 combines speed and economy to create a high-quality private jet. The cabin holds about 8 passengers, usually in a double layout, with plenty of room to swivel, recline, and track. Other fine points include luxury cabin design, work tables that fold from the walls, and an extra pressure relief port on the door for added passenger safety.

The Learjet can fly 2,099 miles nonstop, cruising at 465 mph. The cruise performance of the Learjet 45 sets it apart from other light jets. It only burns 198 lbs. of fuel per hour and can complete a trip of 1,150 miles in about two hours and eighteen minutes.

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