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MD 902 | Helicopter Tours Chartering Miami

The perfect helicopter for worldwide needs was created when McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company made the MD 902. The MD 902 makes up 26% of the helicopter fleet leadership, raising the bar of safety, reliability, performance and low operating costs – while maintaining or improving on simplicity. A tall order the the MD 902 delivers flawlessly as a private helicopter.
MD 902 | Helicopter Tours Chartering Miami begins with a marvel of techniques and engineering went into this helicopter that can travel up to 337 miles. Taking you along for a journey around Miami’s city scape, the MD 902 is a great way to travel and to feel safe riding at a height of 5,000ft.
The MD 902 makes an excellent executive transport helicopter and is very competent in handling clientele needs. The helicopter leads the industry in on-board technology and has arguably the safest twin turbine on the market. It’s not just about the incredibly solid structure, it also includes safety features that include impact-absorbing seats and undercarriage that maximizes protection.

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