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Piaggio P.180 Avanti | Light Jet Chartering Miami

Piaggio Avanti interior

Taking into account that the design of this twin-engine turboprop pusher is 30 years old, this airplane is nothing short of amazing. Its futuristic look excites, rate of climb and speed exhilarate, and operating economics scream savings. The Piaggio Avanti vastly outperforms all other turbo props and noses past some light jets. It rockets through the air at 400-knots with a near stand-up cabin that has the center section of a midsize jet. There’s comfortable seating for six passengers. There’s room to stretch out in the 73-inch-wide cabin and, at 69 inches tall, it is much easier to walk through than a King Air.
The Avanti began as a collaboration between Piaggio and Gates Learjet in 1983. Look closely and you can see the Lear influence: the rake of the windshield, the fins below the tail section, the cramped cockpit, even the passenger cabin. Customers love the airplane, with all the amenities that this aircraft offers, it provides unmatched value, cutting-edge design and safety, unique appearance, it truly stands in a class of its own.Cabin noise averages around 68 decibels at cruise power, depending on where you sit, or about the same as on the inside of a luxury sedan. It’s comfortable, sleek and powerful and the styling is timeless.

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Seats: 7

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458 MPH