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Premier 1 is the largest single-pilot business jet in the world by Raytheon and Hawker.The Premier 1A’s cabin is one of the biggest for a private jet of its size, seating six or seven passengers in a 315 cubic-foot cabin. The cabin is designed with contoured headroom for maximum passenger comfort. Fold-out tables on both sides of the aircraft, LED lighting and fully reclineable, extra-wide, contoured seats further prove the aircraft’s comfortability.
There is 77 cubic feet of baggage space available in internal and external baggage compartments.The Premier 1A is powered by two Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-2A engines.Cabin pressurization is automatically regulated by a digital system.

The Premier 1 features superior cruise speeds and the largest cabin in its class. As a high-value single-pilot business jet tjat excels in effeciency, the Premier 1 is able to fly over 1,000 nautical miles or cruise at 500 mph. This makes the Premier 1 one of the fastest light-jet competitors. By balancing performance, reliability and flexibility, the Premier 1 demonstrates that business jet ownership is still the smart choice for value-conscious corporations.

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