Rolls-Royce Dawn Rental Miami

2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn: The Convertible of a New Era

— Thursday June 11th, 2015

Just when you thought the starry-sky “Starlight” headliner of the current Rolls Royce Wraith was enough to turn your driving experience into a complete dream fantasy, the company has decided to give a ‘fresh start’ and drop the top…

mph club App

mph club App: Where Technology Meets Automotive Luxury

— Wednesday June 10th, 2015

Imagine gaining access to the most exclusive club where automotive passion meets an ultra premium lifestyle at the click of a button. Then look no further than the new mph club app, the latest innovation from the masterminds of the most exclusive…

Lights, Camera, Action: The MPH Club Productions

— Monday June 1st, 2015

At mph club we know what luxury is all about, and how to deliver it to our guests. We pay attention to the smallest details, making sure that you, as our client, get everything you want…

Mercedes Maybach S600: Like Cruising Around in a Private Jet

— Tuesday May 26th, 2015

Mercedes has pulled the plug on Maybach as a standalone marque. Since the announcement in 2011, Maybach owners such as Madonna, Charlie Sheen, Rod Stewart, and Mark Whalberg have been shedding tears onto their $350,000 interiors…

Bentley GTC Interior and Exterior Rental Miami

Bentley GTC: 567 Horsepower Convertible House

— Thursday May 21st, 2015

Can’t think of a better way than to spend your weekend or vacation in beautiful sunny Miami, why not do it with the top down and a twin-turbo V8 Bentley GTC at your disposal. Whats even better is that you can share this experience with others as the GTC…

Chauffeur Miami experience at mph club®

Chauffeur: The Full Experience of Passenger Oriented Vehicles

— Tuesday May 19th, 2015

Driving a high-end luxury car is a special experience. Wether you are in a Mercedes S-Class, Bentley Mulsanne, or a Rolls Royce Phantom, you’re immersed in a cocoon of comfort and refinement. But to get the full experience of riding in a passenger oriented vehicle, one must be driven by a professional…

Lamborghini Huracan and Private Jet Charter Rental in Miami FL

Lamborghini Huracán: God of Storm, Wind, and Fire

— Friday May 15th, 2015

Huracán is the name of a revered Spanish fighting bull of the Conte de la Patilla breed. This particular bull was famed for its great courage and sense of attack. Huracán is also the name of the Mayan god of wind, storm, and fire…

Cadillac Escalade ESV and Private Jet Charter Rental Miami

Cadillac Escalade ESV: The Luxury SUV Changing the Game

— Tuesday May 12th, 2015

Where do I start with the Cadillac Escalade? It was designed originally to compete with the successful but short lived Lincoln Navigator. As successful as the Lincoln was, the Escalade took off as a Pop Culture icon, favored by celebrities and high profile consumers alike…

mph club® Exotic Car and Private Jet Charter fleet

Memberships: The Ultimate Exotic Car Experience

— Monday May 11th, 2015

Membership can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something special. Wether that means gaining access to something exclusive, or getting a little something extra, accessible to a select few…

Ferrari 458 Italia Rental Miami

Caution: The Ferrari 458 Italia May Cause Euphoria

— Tuesday April 27th, 2015

Check out the symptoms of driving a New Ferrari 458 Italia. Caution, you’ve been warned!…