Bentley GTC Interior and Exterior Rental Miami


Bentley GTC: 567 Horsepower Convertible House

— Thursday May 21st, 2015

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Can’t think of a better way than to spend your weekend or vacation in beautiful sunny Miami, why not do it with the top down and a twin-turbo V8 Bentley GTC at your disposal. Whats even better is that you can share this experience with others as the GTC has room for four. Theres no more need to dread over having a convertible and not being able to take your family or friends along for the ride. This isn’t your typical convertible in fact its the perfect GT touring car for every occasion.


Its the perfect car for any and every occasion being that along being sporty it defies a sense of class and creates a presence of prestige every time you pull up to park, or get in getting ready for another journey. The Bentley Continental GTC makes sure that you get to every destination as comfortably as possible thanks to its air suspension that has continuous dampening control that adjusts to every imperfection on the road. This car appeals to all espicially for those who love to be surrounded by luxury you won’t find a more appealing cockpit than that of the GTC.

Whether its the hand stitched supple leather or the detailed trim there will never be a dull moment behind the wheel of this work of art. From the lines and dropping curves of the exterior to the 11 speaker sound system we can all agree the best and only way to enjoy this car is top down, radio off, and enjoy the acoustic symphony of that marvelous twin-turbo V8 that will take you from point A-to-B while achieving an astonishing 24mpg. So if this all seems exciting and everything you can imagine and you happen to live or plan on coming to visit Miami come by mph club® and have the experience of a lifetime behind the wheel of the Bentley GTC.