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BMW i8: Going Green Never Felt So Good

—Wednesday September 9th, 2015

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In a culture where cool is associated with big power and big engines who would have thought that BMW’s i8 would be considered as the next generation flagship vehicle. The sports hybrid coupe that promises to bring the division’s eco-friendly ‘I’ sub-brand to new heights has now found a place in the mph club exotic car fleet. The groundbreaking BMW i8 rental in Miami is more like a sports coupe designed for sci-fi blockbusters but yet has a realistic and manageable drivability about it once you sit down in the drivers seat.


The car takes on a split personality as it is stuck between two extremes, one is the reserved happy faced eco-friendly city commuter and the other is the evil laugh twin brother ready to unleash all 375 horses of the turbocharged inline 3 motor onto the streets of South Florida. The BMW i8 should not be considered as your ordinary sports car but a completely new retake on a traditional machine. As BMW explains, “the i8 is an extraordinary evolution of the ultimate driving machine; an icon of progress”. What better way to commemorate this progress than to be seen in this one a kind automotive marvel cruising down the streets of Miami.


Driving the i8 you quickly feel distinguished from the crowd as the immense details seek to catch your attention from any angle, the smooth swiftness of the turbocharger as you press the accelerator causes thrill and euphoria and even the ultra premium cabin featuring illuminated instruments and controls lead you to believe your in a futuristic realm where you and your car can roam free but most of us know this place as South Beach. Why not take your special friend for a drive or even pull up to your highly anticipated corporate event in style as the tech-savvy auto enthusiast who doesn’t mind to stand out. Here is your chance to experience something new with the remarkable BMW i8 offered exclusively at mph club!!!