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Establishing Change In The Exotic Rental Industry: When mph club® Visits F355 Miami

— Monday December 14, 2015

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In many ways evolution can be linked to the success of how companies adapt to changing conditions in the industry. In a market where exotic, luxury and fast lifestyles are constantly being demanded it may be bad a judgment call to not react to the signs of changing times. Enter F355 Miami, a specialized dealer in performance/tuning modifications for high end cars such FerrariLamborghiniMercedes-Benz and Land Rover. The company is also the premiere authorized distributor for aftermarket legends Brabus, Techart and Startech exclusively in Miami. As the busiest season for exotic car rentals quickly approaches along with a new year shortly ahead mph club has decided to take a new attitude that will more than likely establish its evolution in the exotic rental industry.

Startech Range Rover Supercharged Rental Miami

A recent partnership with F355 Miami seeks to change the traditional vehicle categories offered by mph club. This movement seeks to expand the industry horizon by offering exclusive high-end aftermarket variants of popular mainstream favorites. This first vehicle to be introduced will be the Startech Range Rover Supercharged that will feature the full aftermarket wide-body package with 23 inch MONOSTAR S forged alloy wheels. The design is aggressive to match the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine yet elegant enough to travel to the most sophisticated events. This distinct combination is sure to make this SUV one of the most unique Range Rover’s to be seen on the streets of South Florida. The exclusive vehicle offering will be the first of many additions to the mph exotic fleet that will give customers a chance to experience some of the most exceptional tastefully modified automobiles firsthand. No other competitor in Miami has taken on such a challenge to bring these rare finds for the public to now enjoy.

Startech Range Rover Supercharged rear view Rental Miami

As strategies are constantly being tested in the market it is always a challenge to find new tactics that will resonate with your audience. Partnering with reputable companies that not only have strong brand recognition but also have expert knowledge in your target market is an invaluable resource to have. The team at mph club believes that constant innovation is the way to get ahead in the game and the introduction of premium-modified vehicles will open up a new market for luxury exotic rentals. Be sure to check out the all-new Startech Range Rover Supercharged available exclusively at mph club®!