Ferrari 488 GTB Rental Miami


Ferrari 488 GTB: When Words Are Not Enough

— Friday July 10th, 2015

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Ferrari GTB, a name synonymous with extreme performance and unparalleled driving dynamics. Now comes the newest iteration for 2015 the Ferrari 488 GTB paying homage to the iconic 308 GTB. A subsequent replacement to the now infamous Ferrari 458, the 488 GTB is perfected in almost every way you can imagine boasting a 3902 cc twin-turbo V8 following Ferrari’s decision to implement forced induction into all its upcoming models.

This allows the new engine to produce an outstanding 661-hp and 561 lb-ft of torque that they claim produces virtually zero turbo lag and results in the largest power output per liter out of any Ferrari factory road car. Imagine having the ability to have consistent power/torque delivery throughout the rev range all the way to its 8000 rpm redline as you hear the twin-turbochargers spooling behind you, words just cant explain.

Ferrari 488 GTB front view Rental Miami

The improved body design has been reengineered to increase down force by 50% while reducing drag over its predecessor the Ferrari 458. All thanks to an upgraded blown spoiler and specific aero deflects strategically placed under and around the car to aid in relieving air pressure where it’s not needed and channeling it to where it is. This results in it reaching staggering 0-60 mph times in just 3 seconds flat and continuing to a top speed of just over 210 mph.

Ferrari 488 GTB side view Rental Miami

With sunny weather forecasted almost 90% of the year South Florida has become the unofficial sports car capital of America. Miami has become the epicenter for Ferrari, which makes the Ferrari 488 GTB the one to draw attention and ignite driving passions as you unleash this magnificent V8 soundtrack on the streets. Fear not because the cylinder heads at mph club exotic rental Miami have provided just what you need to succeed and make your Ferrari dreams come true. Visit our full listing page for more details on how you can get into this work of art and any other luxury exotic with have available!!!