Lights, Camera, Action: The MPH Club Productions

— Monday June 1st, 2015

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At mph club we know what luxury is all about, and how to deliver it to our guests. We pay attention to the smallest details, making sure that you, as our client, get everything you want. And this quality is exactly what defines the luxury of mph club production services. We offer a whole range of services that surpass exotic car rental. mph club provides an exceptional experience to everyone, big or small.

Our fans have a chance to follow our brand through one of the avenues we exercise on a daily basis, which is the mph club productions. We present our brand through videos and images online, allowing our followers to experience the mph club’s life. As leaders of the industry, we strive to keep up with the newest technology and resources available. Therefore we decided to apply these principles to our latest shoot – the mph club experience.

We believe that the future in the fields of videography and photography will rely on aerial footage via drones. Being able to take photos and videos from a different perspective is an absolutely new and amazing opportunity. Using the drone for our mph club experience shoot in a private airport hangar made it possible to get the footage we couldn’t be more excited about. Different points of view that we couldn’t get before suddenly became possible and the results were amazing.

Although getting footage with the drones allows us to give you a wider overview of our company, we still use the classic video productions to provide a more detailed experience of the events we attend and organize. We will make sure you don’t miss any of those by providing you with the best quality picture with mph club productions.