Mr. Blu dog riding a toy Bentley at mph club®


The mph club’s Mascot and Best Friend: Meet Mr. Blu Dog

— Monday October 12th, 2015

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Among many companies worldwide there have been thousands of mascots that have made an impact, but only a handful are truly memorable and lead you to think about a company’s product or service. Meet Mr. Blu, the blue French bulldog that has a need for speed and a passion to create mischief with his wild antics. Known as the official mascot for mph club Miami this adventurous pup has the personality to suit the exotic car lifestyle by being playful, smart and completely irresistible with the ladies.

French bulldogs are among the top ten most popular dog breeds mainly because of their expressive personality, active lifestyle and curious mind. No wonder at any given moment you will see Mr. Blu on social media riding around in a luxury exotic car or even hopping off a private jet. These are just some of the things that this playboy gets to experience on a daily basis, which is a plus because Frenchies prefer air conditioning and being indoors. Among his busy schedule as the head mascot Mr. Blu’s demanding life requires him to be on point constantly either for appearances, photoshoots and making sure he gets walked at least 3 times daily.

Only a couple months old he has been making lasting impressions with clients and fans alike that cant get enough of his enthusiasm and lively nature. Always ready for a selfie or an impromptu belly rub he has no problems showing his appreciation to those around him. For Mr. Blu to represent mph club was a no brainer having all the attributes you would want in a brand ambassador. He knows how to roll with the Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s and can standout by making a statement with his presence when among a group of people. Having a strong personality and the ability to relate to an audience are things that make mascots great and we enjoy every moment of having Mr. Blu apart of the mph club team. If you are ever in the area be sure to stop by the mph club office for a chance to meet this one of a kind rock star we call family!!