Turbo Prop Private Jet Chartering Miami

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Turbo Prop

mph club® invites you to fly the skies for a quick escape on a turbo prop. Combining the use of twin propellers powered by turbine engines to fly, this is the lightest aircraft aloft. With a conservative use of fuel, the turbo prop is the most cost-efficient aircraft for short-service and short to mid-range flights. Typical capacity is 6-8 passengers, average cruising speed of 275-310 mph and average nonstop range of just over 1,000 miles.
There’s nothing like flying above Miami and being able to maneuver around quickly. If you’re looking for a fast paced trip around Florida, or just a quick romantic getaway, chartering a turbo prop is an affective way to get up in the air and keep your budget in mind. Reserve one of these private planes for your next trip with mph club® jet chartering.

Miami is known as the “Magical City” that’s full of fun and excitement, colors and wonder, luxury and class. A landscape filled with gorgeous mansions, beautiful beaches and sexy nightclubs that has become the hot spot for some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities… and of course, exotic cars. Let mph club be the red carpet to that experience. Providing you with not only a vehicle, but a variety of other services that will make your drive far more fulfilling than conventional car rental companies.