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124' Broward Yacht Charter Miami

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Starting At:


$11,495 4hrs
$14,495 8hrs
$19,495 Nightly

Weekend and
Holiday Price:

$11,995 4hrs
$14,995 8hrs
$19,995 Nightly

Security deposit required.

A La Carte catering service sold separately.

Captain and First Mate included.



The 124′ Broward Motor Yacht is a luxurious vessel that epitomizes opulence and sophistication on the high seas. Crafted by the renowned American yacht builder Broward, this superyacht stands as a testament to precision engineering, cutting-edge design, and a commitment to providing an unparalleled cruising experience. 

The Motor Yacht Charter Miami boasts impressive dimensions, measuring 124 feet (37.8 meters) in length. Its sleek and contemporary design is a fusion of aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency. The exterior features a streamlined profile with sweeping curves and clean lines, creating an elegant and timeless look. The yacht’s exterior spaces are carefully designed to offer a perfect blend of entertainment, relaxation, and breathtaking views.

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124 Broward Yacht Charter front view - mph club
124 Broward Yacht Charter side view - mph club
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20 Knots

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4 Bathroom

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4 Staterooms

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12 Guests + Crew


Broward Yachts often come equipped with various amenities, such as a sundeck, jacuzzi, entertainment systems, and other features for onboard comfort.

124 Broward Yacht Charter - mph club


This luxurious yacht offers sumptuous accommodations for many guests, ensuring an intimate and comfortable cruising experience. The interior is a masterpiece of modern design, featuring a combination of premium materials, exquisite finishes, and a tasteful color palette. The staterooms are generously appointed, with large windows that allow natural light to flood the spaces, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

Powered by advanced marine propulsion systems, the 124′ Broward Motor Yacht delivers an impressive performance on the water. The yacht is equipped with powerful engines that provide both speed and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for long-range cruising. Whether navigating the open seas or exploring secluded coves, this yacht promises a smooth and enjoyable ride.


The 124′ Broward Motor Yacht is designed to cater to the most discerning tastes, offering a wealth of amenities and entertainment options. From a spacious sundeck with a Jacuzzi to a well-appointed salon and a fully equipped galley, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure a luxurious experience for guests. The yacht also features state-of-the-art audiovisual systems, ensuring that entertainment is never compromised.

Aboard the 124′ Broward Motor Yacht, guests can expect nothing less than impeccable service from a professional and experienced crew. The captain and crew members are dedicated to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of all guests, providing a seamless and memorable yachting experience. The crew is well-versed in hospitality and is committed to delivering top-notch service that exceeds expectations.


For those seeking the ultimate luxury yachting experience, the 124′ Broward Motor Yacht is available for charter through mph club. This presents an exclusive opportunity for individuals, families, or groups to embark on a bespoke journey across the seas, indulging in the lavish amenities and unparalleled comfort that this yacht offers. Whether it’s a week-long escape to exotic destinations or a day charter for a special occasion, the 124′ Broward Motor Yacht promises an unforgettable voyage.

To inquire about chartering this magnificent yacht, interested parties can contact mph club, a premier luxury car and yacht rental service dedicated to providing elite experiences. With a reputation for excellence, mph club ensures that every charter is tailored to meet the unique preferences and desires of its discerning clientele.

The 124′ Broward Motor Yacht stands as a pinnacle of luxury and sophistication in the world of yachting. With its impressive dimensions, elegant design, top-tier amenities, and professional crew, this yacht offers an unparalleled platform for those seeking a truly exceptional maritime adventure. For those ready to explore the seas in style, the opportunity to charter the 124′ Broward Motor Yacht through mph club awaits.


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