Membership Benefits

$ 75,000
  • 100 Rental Days, That Never Expire
  • Transferable Rental Days
  • No Credit Check Required
  • 5,000 Miles, That Never Expire
  • Low Member to Car Ratio
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance.
  • Complimentary Vehicle Replacement.
  • Complimentary Vehicle Towing.
  • Complimentary Vehicle Pick Up and Delivery.
  • Quick and Easy Access and Checkout!
  • Unparalleled Service


Our membership program gives you access to one of the largest exotic & luxury car collections in the nation for a discounted rate. For a one time cost of $75,000 you will have access to a vast selection of unique and exotic vehicles. Why waste your money buying one exotic vehicle just to lose half of its value in depreciation alone? Our program allows you to enjoy a multitude of vehicles without worrying about a depreciating asset. We are often the first company in the nation to have certain vehicles and our members benefit from our industry connections.

For an automotive enthusiast, driving a collection of exotic and luxury vehicles sounds like a dream come true. Becoming an mph club member is more than just joining a brand. This is your opportunity to drive a different exotic vehicle every day.


Access to the best exotic and luxurious cars at a discounted rate, enjoy the best ride of the city in a brand-new vehicle like the Lamborghini Aventador s Roadster rental. mph club, offers the best exotic and exclusive car rentals at discounted rates with our membership program.

mph club members are some of the fortunate few to sit behind the wheel with a simple reservation of the most famous supercars in the world. Besides car hires, mph club members have the choice of using certain additional services.

We are also the first car rental business in the country with the largest exotic and luxury vehicle collection for our members. Our offer and service are available for everyone, whether you are an ordinary person or a celebrity. The dream of riding in new and robust cars is never going to end.

mph club provides luxury car enthusiasts with a prestigious opportunity to ride their favorite vehicles in different cities of the United States, mainly in Miami and Orlando. Miami it is exceptionally well-known and famous as a holiday destination. You could list its cars with straightforward procedures. So here we are, fulfilling your goals by offering our membership.


Our short term lease scheme offers you a way to one of the largest exotic car rental collections in the nation at a discounted rate. All you have to do is submit a one-time fee of $75,000; then, you will have access to a vast range of exclusive and exotic vehicles. You can enjoy many vehicles without worrying about a downgrading asset. We offer various luxury car rental options for customers, such as Lamborghini rental, McLaren rental, Ferrari rental, Rolls Royce rental, and Bentley rental.

A car enthusiast feels like he is in fantasy as he drives a range of top exotic cars. It is more than just joining a brand to become an mph club member. It is your chance to drive a exotic vehicle every day.

This program offers many benefits that you will never find anywhere like, 100 rental days to use that never ends. The membership provides 5,000 miles, and any extra miles is only $5 per mile. You can also transfer rental days with unparalleled services.

We will not require a credit check and we also provide a low member to car ratio. We will also provide you with 24/7 roadside assistance and complimentary vehicle replacement or towing. Critical roadside helps to cover accidents if your vehicle breaks down or you are stranded; it happens in exceptional situations, but we will provide you with as much support as possible.


There is no other way to profit from driving a set of luxury cars as a car lover with little or no effort.

When you have completed the registration process, you will have access to the entire fleet of luxurious and exotic vehicles. Driving cars from our fleet will give you a lifetime experience, is our Goal. So Why buy any luxurious exotic vehicle when you can get a membership and have access to the largest fleet of luxury and exotic vehicles in the nation.

membership program car keys mph club exotic car rental


This program includes every vehicle in our fleet (Except the Bugatti Veyron Roadster and any of the Sprinter Vans). You’ll have 100 rental days to utilize that never expire. You must use at least 3 days at a time per reservation. We also offer vehicle shipment and delivery outside the local area. For rentals outside of the state you must utilize at least 50 days at a time per reservation. You have 5,000 miles included in your membership. Any miles over the limit will be $5 per mile.

We minimize the hassle by providing clientele with competitive discounts that can be used anywhere in the world at any time. Convenience to YOU is our main priority.

As an automotive enthusiast, there’s no other option available for experiencing the benefit of driving a collection of exotic cars with little to no effort. Before purchasing a new exotic vehicle, bypass the capital requirements of maintenance, wear-and-tear and storage. We offer what no other exotic & Luxury car club does: customization. You pick the cars you want to drive, the features you feel you’ll use and the amount of time you’ll want to use it. The possibilities are endless! With our exclusive mph club Membership, your only focus is the open road in a luxury vehicle.

Once your sign-up process is complete, clients will have access to our entire fleet of luxury and exotic vehicles. Our fleet includes Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and many more. Take a few moment to browse our Latest Models of luxury and exotic vehicles for specific details.