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How will you remember YOUR moment? For most of us, a wedding is a pivotal moment in our lives. It is the union of two individuals, sacrificing their inhibitions and opening up their personal lives to someone deemed worthwhile. With this individual, they hope to build a prosperous life together, filled with love, compassion and understanding. Preparing for that special day is no easy task, and while it is a momentously happy moment etched in time, it can also be a frustrating planning nightmare. mph club hopes to expedite the process of Weddings in Miami. Wedding Luxury Car Rental Miami provides luxury and exotic car rental services for the bride and groom with a seasoned chauffeur driver, or exotic vehicles fit for the best day of your life.

Sit back, relax and let us do the work. When it comes to the wedding experience, the bride and groom already have dozens of items to worry about on their checklist. From the cake to the venue, to the dress, the bride and groom are inundated with requests and items to accomplish before their big day. Wedding Luxury Car Rental Miami should be a simple, effective solution for your pre and post-wedding transportation. The process is simple and can be accomplished in minutes via our online Reservation Form. Just complete the form with your request and mph club can take care of the rest. Yes, you can cross transportation off of your list.


Marriage is a moment of immense happiness that makes you stunningly beautiful and starts your happy life ahead. They hope to create a fruitful life together, full of love, compassion, and comprehension with this person at the wedding. Preparing for that particular day is no easy job, and while it is an immediately joyful moment, it can also be a stressful nightmare for preparation. Now that all the wedding arrangements are over, it is time to wonder how you will get there. At mph club wedding luxury car rental is one of the best ways to make your ride unforgettable on your special day.

mph club maintains that it delivers outstanding communications and a humble approach to its clients. Our primary focus is on sustainability and the promotion of new methods, the largest and best luxury and exotic car rental company in Miami and the United States. mph club Miami aims to be part of your special day and marriage process by offering you the latest and exclusive luxury cars.

Wedding Luxury Car services also are offered with an experienced chauffeur suited for the best of your wedding.  Consider a luxury SUV such as a Bentley Bentayga or a Cadillac Escalade for your special day. Just imagine If you arrived in a brand new Rolls Royce, what will anyone say? When you consider a luxurious wedding car for rent as part of your wedding day plan, the scope for getting to and leaving the wedding is limitless.


We have a fleet of stunning exotic vehicles to choose from, and our rental process will make your wedding plan easier.

If you want something less classic you also have the option of renting a Lamborghini rental, Ferrari rental, or  McLaren rental Supercar for your wedding. Discover the love-driven rush of adrenaline as you whisk with your stunning bride into a Lamborghini rental. Delivery and pick-up, cleaning cars, and more are part of our exclusive rentals. For the day you have been expecting, reserve the vehicle of your dreams.
For the wedding ceremony or wedding party, you can pick whatever vehicle you want. Get there in style with reliable cars for rent and make your day even more memorable.

We will supply you with a vehicle at your doorstep and pick it up. You can focus on your wedding and nothing else to make it simpler for you on your wedding day.  mph club is a favorite choice of wedding planners with a wide range of ultra-luxury vehicles and the capacity to offer chauffeur services for any of their cars. mph club rental cars in Miami should be an easy and efficient solution to your wedding day transportation before and after.

For your special day, it is easy to book a car. Choose the vehicle and make a reservation for your wedding. Once agreed, our car and service are available for your wedding day; Only fill in the form, and we will handle the rest. We will finalize your reservation and e-mail you confirmation. Now it is just your wedding day that you have to wait, and Yes, now you can mark transportation off the list.


The luxury chauffeur service is adapted to provide the bride and groom with a comfortable and luxurious transportation mode. With delivery and pick-up services from West Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County, we make this option very convenient. Choose your favorite vehicle and chauffeur and let us worry about the rest. Arrive at your wedding in style after rendering the most important vows of your life and be whisked away.

We provide experienced and qualified drivers. The chauffeurs’ services are fast and timely, and these features improve customer trustworthiness, continuity, and reliability. We deliver a high-class service with the characteristics of convenience, stableness, and faith. We provide our customers with the highest and safest transport services. We also make every trip comfortable and relaxed and provide you with satisfaction.

Luxury Wedding Rental Packages

The Bride and Groom have two options for Wedding Luxury Car Rental Miami

1. Luxury Wedding Chauffeurs

The luxury wedding chauffeur package is tailored to provide a convenient and luxurious mode of transportation for the bride and groom. We provide pickup to and from any wedding venue in West Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County. Choose from our chauffeur capable vehicle lineup below and let us worry about your transportation. All of our chauffeur rental experiences include a driver, cold beverages, mileage and a comforting atmosphere made for royalty. Arrive at your wedding in style, and be whisked away after you’ve made the most important vows of your life.

2. Exotic Car Rentals

If you’re the type of couple that enjoy the thrill of an exotic car rental, we have a fleet of beautiful exotic vehicles to choose from to make your wedding perfect. Arrive at your wedding behind the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Audi R8 Supercar. Experience the adrenaline rush of love-fueled passion as you whisk away in a Lamborghini with your beautiful bride. Our exotic car rentals include free delivery and pickup, car wash and more. Reserve the car of your dreams for the day you’ve been waiting for.



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