The more than a hundred years of history and experience of Cadillac only made them better and better. Founded in 1902, Cadillac is one of the oldest car brands today. Despite the ages, they maintained their status as a go-to brand for drivers and car enthusiasts looking for ease and opulence. 

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At first sight, you’ll appreciate the exterior designs of Cadillac cars that emanate extravagance. Its SUVs, sedans and V-series are all stylish and refined. You will experience comfort the moment you take the driver or the passenger’s seats as the interior is designed to give total relaxation to drivers and riders. Even long rides can be enjoyable because Cadillac brands promise de-stressing while inside their cars. If you want to go a little faster in driving, seats are secured with suede microfiber to keep you still. All materials used in the car inside are handmade and hand-sewn. Leather and wood match perfectly to the gorgeous amenity provided by the car. 

Despite the classic vibe of the car’s interior, Cadillac has advanced technology through its Super Cruise. With built-in sensors and cameras in strategic points of the car, Super Cruise allows drivers to take their hands off the wheels and rely fully on the cutting-edge machinery. For 200,000 miles, on compatible roads, Cadillac cars will make you feel like King and Queens even if you are in the driver’s seat. Have a prolonged stretching or just sit back and relax—let the car do the hustle for you. Nonetheless, it is still required for you to keep your eyes on the road for safety and security. If you do not do so, the smart car will know and will get your attention through beep alerts and voice prompts. 

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In terms of flexibility, Cadillac cars can run in all types of roads because of its magnetic ride control feature. This trademark detects the type of road in milliseconds and adjusts immediately. Together with its all-wheel-drive capability, drivers are assured that they can venture roads with different types of conditions. Cadillac also has the electronic Limited-Slip Differential that lets you drive from one curve to another by transmitting power to the rear wheel. The forward-thinking technology of Cadillac will be of great help for riders to achieve comfort as the car has built-in wifi, maps, voice control technology, all-around sound, and more! All these features are installed to give you coziness and indulgence. 

If you are a driver that has no room for mediocrity, and you are everything about excellence, comfort, and quality, you’ll easily discern that Cadillac is the brand for you and we have it here at mph club

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