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124 Broward Yacht Charter profile view - mph club 2

4 hrs $11,995

8 hrs $14,995

The 124′ Broward Yacht epitomizes maritime opulence. With a length of 124 feet, it boasts a meticulously designed interior featuring luxurious cabins and amenities. This yacht offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, providing a comfortable and elegant cruising experience.


4 hrs $4,595

6 hrs $5,795

The Azimut 70 is a prestigious yacht known for its Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. With a length of 70 feet, it offers lavish interiors, advanced technology, and impressive performance. Accommodating up to 8 guests, it features spacious cabins, a flybridge, and top-notch navigation systems. The Azimut 70 combines style, comfort, and innovation for an unparalleled yachting experience.

pardo 50 CHARTER

4 hrs $3,995

6 hrs $5,995

The Pardo 50 is a luxurious and versatile yacht that seamlessly combines modern design with exceptional performance, making it the ideal choice for those who appreciate both style and functionality on the water. This 50-foot yacht is a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, designed to provide a remarkable on-water experience.

pardo 43 CHARTER

4 hrs $3,495

6 hrs $5,495

The Pardo 43 is a truly luxurious aquatic experience. This vessel is capable of chartering up to 12 passengers at a time. Enjoy two full-size cabins with one master bathroom. If your charter takes you overnight the Pardo 43 can accommodate four people comfortably. Reservations include a captain, first mate, soft drinks, water, and a complementary fruit basket.

Vandutch 55 CHARTER

4 hrs $3,495

6 hrs $5,495

The VanDutch 55 is the epitome of modern yacht design, seamlessly combining aesthetic allure, high-performance capabilities, and opulent amenities. Whether you’re looking to make a statement in the marina, host unforgettable gatherings, or embark on extended journeys, the VanDutch 55 is an exquisite choice for those who demand the very best in yachting experiences.


Enjoy Miami to its fullest. Experience the magic of a Miami sunset yacht charter rental. Being out on the water allows you and your party to escape the busy traffic of the city and enjoy the breathtaking views of South Florida. Our yacht charters rental include a Captain, first mate, and predetermined routes to take you and your party on an unforgettable journey. Different routes and catering packages are available at request.


Enjoy exploring the sea-side of Miami, sail to stunning islands, or party the night away on one of our luxury yachts rental! At mph club, you’re just one click away from escaping to the sunshine and creating unforgettable memories with our deluxe yacht rental services. Get in touch with us today about bookings, rental packages, and on-board catering options! An outline of what you can expect:
  • Captain and first mate included
  • Infotainment devices
  • Safety equipment
  • All-day charters
  • Late-night charters
  • Optional catering for a nominal charge
  • Customized occasion celebration packages
Chartering yourself a yacht usually proves to be an unparalleled adventure but getting onboard a luxurious yacht offered by mph club is nothing short of a life-changing experience! Our comfortable and deluxe yachts charters rental separate themselves from all other traditional vessels by being a flawless combination of luxury meets adventure to give you an unprecedented day or night yachting refreshment. The newest and most luxurious yachts rental offered by us at mph club have it all-sufficient outside space with elegant and ritzy rooms, cabins, bathrooms, and much more! One of the prime features of our yachts is a walk-around design. Get all the viewpoints and angles you want to admire the Miami sunset through the spacious sundeck that mph club yachts rentals are equipped with!


You’ll be assisted by a captain and a first mate in all our luxury yacht charter packages. Upon your entry into the yacht, our receptive staff will happily welcome and give you a little tour of the vessel. The rooms of our yachts are packed with amenities such as the finest quality of furnishings, cozy beds, showers with both hot and cold water facilities, washrooms, TV, WiFi, and other infotainment sources. mph club yacht charters rental in Miami are also provided with magnificent food catering options for an additional cost, just let us know what is your favorite food and we will take care of it. Over and over again, our clients that claim to be one-time customers become our long-term habitués since the yachts we offer are no less than renting a floating villa! Lastly, keeping your safety paramount, mph club’s yachts are well-endowed with safeguarding equipment like life jackets, safety harnesses, kill cord, emergency radio, compass, spare fuel, and firefighting tools.


Renting a luxury boat in Miami from mph club certainly provides the biggest bang for your buck. Here’s a little rundown of some things you can do in any of the luxurious mph club yachts:


Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or a bachelor’s party, there’s no better way to celebrate it with your friends and family than on the deluxe mph club yachts rental! You’re free to stock up on cocktails, drinks, and your own food if that’s integral to the type of occasion you wish to charter our yacht for.


There’s nothing better than a splashing yacht ride and indulging yourself in water sports to brighten your day up if you’re of the adventurous kind! Rent our yacht and pick a great swimming or snorkeling spot in the Miami waters and get your adrenaline pumping like nothing else.


Cut-off from the world for a little while and enjoy “me time” in one of mph club yachts charters rental. A switched-off phone and a glass of exotic wine in your hand provide one of the best, if not the best, opportunities to unwind and find yourself. The sunset, the marine life, and the all year round pleasant Florida weather could quite possibly be the much-needed escape you didn’t know you always wanted!


If a bit of alone time isn’t what’s on your mind, the distraction-free yacht rides in the serene Florida waters could be an incredible excuse to spend quality time with your family and friends. In our busy lives, sometimes we forget to communicate enough with our loved ones. mph club yachts rental provides a relaxing ambiance for you and your family and friends to experience that long-awaited getaway you’ve been dreaming of.



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