A vehicle brand that goes unnoticed, Mercedes-Benz has managed to be one of our top go to vehicles to pick if luxury and overall performance is at the top of your criteria when choosing a car to drive.

With a wide range of different vehicle classes to pick from there is no doubt that each car has been carefully designed to meet the different needs and preferences of its consumers, which means they always have something for everyone. Whether you are young and hip and are looking for a vehicle that is sporty and fast; or maybe you are a working professional looking for a luxury sedan Mercedes-Benz will always have a wide selection of vehicles for you to choose from that matches your taste and lifestyle.

The Mercedes-Benz brand is no stranger to the streets of Miami. This is a city known for the luxury lifestyle that people from all over come to experience, so there is no doubt that you will see a variety of luxury cars on every street corner to accompany the luxury lifestyle of the city and amongst some of those is of course the Mercedes-Benz.

When traveling to south Florida there is always something to get into. Whether you are taking a tour of the city by day or taking on the party scene by night, the best way to compliment your travels would be in one of our Mercedes Benz rentals. mph club is home to a number of exclusive Mercedes-Benz rentals, them being the S class, CLS 63 AMG S, and a number of G wagons to pick from.

All of these luxury vehicles are a great accessory for your trip down to south Florida. Whether you are coming down with an entire family or maybe just you and your spouse- whichever size of your party we guarantee that one of our Mercedes Benz rentals will be the perfect choice. Designed not only to turn heads, but the performance of this vehicle is top notch. Driving in one of our Mercedes-Benz is extremely smooth on the streets and the interior is sure to meet your standards of comfort and beyond. So don’t waste time, book your Mercedes-Benz with us now and drive in style.

The brand has persistently seen approaches to impact the world forever in assembling luxury and exotic vehicles, continually remaining consistent with its motto: “the best or nothing.” The brand is known for the plan of its extravagance vehicles from the outside to the inside. Yet Mercedes Benz rental models are additionally intended to give the greatest solace to drivers and passengers. Mercedes-Benz has an elite scope of vehicles speaking to the various tastes, everything being equal. Many people prefer Mercedes for rent due to their security and supportive features that prevent accidents.


In the driver’s seat of a Mercedes-Benz rental, the streets are yours to investigate. All Mercedes-Benz vehicles, cars, SUVs, and convertibles that we rent are outfitted with cutting edge motors – which are all saddled by proficient, commotion diminishing 7-or 9-speed programmed transmissions.
For force and dealing with that, adjust to your driving style, each vehicle offers an assortment of standard and discretionary execution highlights, for example, 4MATIC all-wheel drive, DYNAMIC SELECT, AIRMATIC suspension, and a whole lot more.

While each Mercedes-Benz rental is exceptional, the style and appeal of the brand are consistently conspicuous. Rigid shaping, sensational air admissions, bursting headlights and taillights, side mirror-incorporated turning signals, and a Star-stepped or exemplary multi-bar grille right away set a Mercedes-Benz separated from the group. The outside of each Mercedes rental can be additionally excited with eye-catching colors, for example, Jupiter Red, Diamond Silver, or Lunar Blue. Mercedes Benz rentals in all these colors are in vogue.


The Mercedes-Benz lodge is undoubtedly the best place to be, with permanent structures trying to guarantee you at any random moment! The staples are multi-airbag safety, 3-point safety belts with ETDs, Electronic Stability Program, Roadside Assistance, and Emergency SOS. Also, the driver helps, for example, a pre-crash system (PRE SAFE) and a programmed slowing down forward impact relief framework (Active Brake Assist) are common across most cases.

Its COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS feature takes innovation to an unheard-of level. With the radar-based invention, you are alarmed if you are coming up to a vehicle or regardless of whether there are objects not moving. Whatever might be your impending way, and if you are at speed and inside a distance that a crash might happen, you are made aware of evading any such thing. On the off chance that an impact does happen, it very well may be less severe; at that point, with this cutting-edge innovation.

Its ATTENTION ASSIST regularly screens up to 70 boundaries of driving conduct and alarms the driver on the off chance that it distinguishes any indications of laziness. This feature is pivotal for each of those long outings in the driver’s seat and guaranteeing the security of yourself as well as other people out and about. Alarms are visual and perceptible alerts.

With the Mercedes-Benz COMMAND system, all you require is directly readily available. The focal regulator and 7-inch show bring you sound, accessible navigation, and closer than any time in recent memory. What’s more superficial than any time in recent memory to work. Standard highlights included with the COMMAND framework are Bluetooth sound streaming and a USB input. All these features attract the customers straight to it, being the most exotic car rental decision.


Open the door, sit down, rent, and drive a Mercedes Benz and appreciate everything a Mercedes rental has to bring to the table. Each detail of the inside was made to cause you to feel good and quiet. Certainty is everything out and about and when planning a Mercedes-Benz, guaranteeing that assurance is met is at the first spot on the list of activities. That is not merely it; the outside is as dazzling as the inside, from a striking front grille and progressed lighting to snappy wheels.

The Mercedes-Benz exterior is loaded up with notable plan components that make an imprint in the car business. Each bend and each line oozes style and gets the eyes of every one of those out and about. 

What’s stopping you from a luxurious Mercedes Benz rental? Rent a Mercedes-Benz from mph club today!