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Exotic Car Rental Affiliate Program

Do you have a high traffic platform that generates clients? Are you Interested in turning your passion for exotic cars into a passive income stream? We have launched an exclusive affiliate program designed to turn your passion into revenue. List our vehicles or services on your platform and give your clients an exclusive discount code. Every time your code is used to reserve an exotic car rental or any of our services you earn a commission. It’s that simple. 
We are looking for high ranking web sites which already generate traffic. We will review all affiliate applications and will contact you if we believe your platform meets our criteria. 
Our in-house marketing team can answer any questions or concerns you might have. 
Please read the terms and conditions and complete the form below:


By participating in the MPH Club’s Affiliate Network internet marketing program Affiliate Program, you (“Affiliate”, “You”, “Your”) agree with the Affiliate Program terms and conditions set forth below, established by mph club (“Company”, “We”, “Our, “mph club“) for the benefit of itself. The terms and conditions contained herein (this “Agreement”), as may be unilaterally amended or revised by Company from time to time, shall apply between Company and Affiliate, so long as Affiliate remains in the Affiliate Program, and thereafter.

1 – “Affiliate” means an individual or business that has registered with, and has been approved by, the Company, has agreed to the terms and conditions herein, and is participating in the Affiliate Program by generating its own traffic for compensation by the Company.

2 – “Link” means a hyperlink placed on an Affiliate’s website or distributed otherwise that, when clicked on, sends a visitor through to the Company’s website. Links take many forms including text, car images, buttons, banners, videos, or any other format acceptable to the Company.

3 – “Qualifying Purchase” You will receive Rental Commissions, by Qualifying Purchases generated via Your Links. You understand that the Sales Commission percentage may be changed at any time by the Company under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

3.1 – “Qualifying Purchases” are made after the client has filled out our website’s contact/reservation forms.

4 – All sales statistics are collected and calculated by the Company, and are the only statistics used for determining Sales Commission.

5 – Commissions are paid 15-30 days after rental has been returned.

6 – Affiliates commission is solely based on rental fees, NOT insurance, repair, or cleaning charges paid by client.

7 – PPC/Adwords bidding on mph club Name is prohibited.

8 – Copying or reposting content to affiliate websites from mph club website is prohibited.

9 – mph club reserves the right to cancel any affiliate at anytime.

* please take the time to read Google’s Affiliate Webmaster Guidelines. We do not accept thin or low-quality affiliates.


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