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Corporate events

Team building like no other.

mph club corporate experience puts your team behind the wheel of some of the world’s most Exotic and Luxurious vehicles. Get a taste of some of the most prestigious auto manufacturers in the world like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce. Our Corporate Events can make a HUGE impact on the morale of your clients, sales team, employees, and associates that will last for years to come.

Booking our corporate experience gives your team a taste of several different cars as we cruise across town or rally from destination to destination. Your team will be challenged and engaged when learning the ins and outs of these unique vehicles. We provide private sessions and day-long events for groups of all sizes. We will customize your experience to cater to any budget.

With experience in running events for Law Firms, Corporations, Real Estate Professionals and more, we have a passion for sharing our love for the modern supercar.

We’ve designed the most popular Exotic Car Rental Corporate Event program in our industry. It’s time to reward your hard working team with the experience of a lifetime.


Corporate events for workers, consumers, or stakeholders are private activities organized by companies or businesses using our services. These can be for mass groups such as seminars, retreats, and even for private events. Corporate actions executed by mph club are a primary motivational source. We promote team spirit, team building, and employee harmony. We arranged it in an informal environment to allow employees and departments to meet and to know each other better. These activities promote employee retention by making them feel unique, comfortable, and an essential part of your business. It will also give your workers opportunities to relax and create partnerships. Even the slightest event organized by us can significantly impact the workers’ morale—no better way to celebrate success than a corporate gathering. The business must take time to execute its achievements and goals in a given period.

The mph club corporate relations experience puts your employees or workers behind the wheel of the top exclusive and luxurious cars in the world. You can enjoy the ride of some of the world’s most influential auto companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce. It will make the morale of your customers, sales staff, workers, and associates high and have a significant impact on our corporate events in future years. Using the mph corporate services, you can also arrange team rewards and activities like racing, rallies, or other activities involving these exotic rental cars. These corporate team-building activities will not only inspire or motivate your employees, but a sense of competition will force them to thrive for the better.



Looking for the most popular and flexible Exotic car rental corporate event programs with a lifetime experience? mph club offers luxury car rentals in the USA, especially Miami, Florida. This top exclusive car rentals club is not the ordinary one as we have worked with celebrities, artists, athletes, and influencers. We provide brand new luxury cars, and this quality makes us the first rental company providing exotic cars for rental purposes. For us, customer satisfaction, needs, and comfort are essential.

The rentals include Lamborghini rental, Ferrari rental, Bentley hire, McLaren rental, and Luxurious SUVs from companies like Cadillac rental, Mercedes Benz rental, Rolls Royce rental, and more. We sell a wide range of sports cars and luxurious cars. One can rent these top exotic cars for events like wedding ceremonies, bachelor’s parties, or enjoy a city’s ride.


mph club offers many services, including membership, chauffeurs, corporate event management, and vehicle delivery. To enjoy our services, all you have to do is to make a reservation by filling a form online, and we will soon approach you. One offer that is very beneficial for those who rent often is our membership program. You can be a part of our membership program and can easily enjoy our fleet of vehicles at discounted rates. We also provide a chauffeur service to enjoy being driven for special events like weddings. Our drivers are very skilled and are always available to take you to your destination. We also offer vehicle delivery at the customer’s doorstep, and we will keep you informed throughout the delivery process. By using our services, one can easily explore all cities of Florida.


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