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Looking over the Miami River it is clear to see why the lavish neighborhood of Brickell is such a wonderful place to visit. Established in the mid-1800s by early pioneers who wanted to develop the area to ultimately be known as Miami’s “Millionaire Row” has made Brickell the location it is today. Presently the area has a booming central business district housing one of the largest financial institution operations in the states making it a hub for many business clients and investors. Along with heavy support from the corporate and local business sector, Brickell has gained a fast-growing residential population as well. The area has developed itself to become one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Miami. It has attracted people from all over the world but mainly the area is currently occupied by a large concentration of wealthy South American natives.

Within the vibrant multicultural city of Miami, Brickell offers convenience for the South Florida traveller. Located less than three miles from the Port of Miami it makes it an ideal one-stop location for both business travelers and cruise passengers alike. With a unique environment separate and apart from Miami Beach, Brickell offers elegant dining experiences, sophisticated bars and lounges and an extensive variety of shopping options to suit your style.

For nightlife visitors can indulge in exclusive wine and art galleries such as the Redbar Gallery and then be in walking distance to live music and dimly lit tables as they are surrounded original art pieces. For those who want the ultimate in world-class transportation then mph club exotic rental Miami has the solution for you. With exceptional service and a host of exclusive luxury/exotic cars ready for rental, there will be no reason for you not to choose the perfect ride that is suitable for your needs. Ensure to visit this area and all the surrounding areas within South Florida to see what new experiences you may encounter!


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