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Our Bentley rentals not only captures the eye of its beholder with its exquisite appearance, it also impresses upon them its ability to offer high grade performance that has made it one of the leading luxury vehicle brands in the world.

Bentley, for many years now, has been a top choice of vehicles to drive around among those that fall under the elite status. This vehicle is definitely the perfect complement to a high end lifestyle. The Bentley has been known to reflect status and luxury, a vehicle made for those who appreciate detailed craftsmanship in both appearance and overall manufacturing of the vehicle, which contributes to an all-around top-performing car and an even more satisfied driver.

Speaking of luxury, when visiting Miami which is a city known for luxury, spunk and overall high-end living the perfect accessory for your trip would be one of our Bentley rentals, a phenomenal vehicle to drive around in. Luckily looking for a place in south Florida to rent a Bentley will not be hard to find; mph club is definitely your go to if you are looking to add that extra facet to your trip that will turn an ordinary vacation into something extraordinary with our Bentley rentals.


Here at mph club we have a wide range of different vehicles that we offer our clients and amongst some of our favorites is our Bentley Continental GTC. Suitable for a family vacation, couples retreat or even as a chauffeur rental to get you around the city, this vehicle is the perfect fit as it is flexible in catering to your preferences and needs.

A white drop-top Bentley with black interior never looked so good driving down the sunny streets of south beach; enjoying a glamorous night out with friends; or having a romantic dinner date out in the town, taking the Bentley Continental GTC out for a spin is your best accessory. 

Drive in style like no other by renting the Bentley GTC today with mph club. We guarantee to offer you the best service in the industry and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience behind one of the many amazing cars we offer.


One of the facts that most people do not know about Bentley is that in the 1960s, Rolls Royce owned Bentley. However, now Bentley is a part of Volkswagen AG manufacturers. The most expensive model of this luxurious car brand is Bentley Mulsanne rental, which has remarkably high-performance ability! However, the Bentley Bentayga rental, which is also the first mass-production SUV of Bentley, is the least expensive Bentley model that costs up to around $165,000.

However, you do not need to worry! You can still drive a Bentley at the most affordable prices with the help of mph club. We have several models of Bentley on rent accessible for you in any part of Florida or the United States. You can enjoy the amazing Miami weather in a Bentley convertible rental without spending excessively much money.


Bentley makes up to 26 Continentals and Flying Spurs, 5 Mulsannes, and 31 Bentaygas in a day. The first model of Bentley that came up with electronic all-wheel steering combined with active all-wheel drive is the Flying Spur rental that gives a dynamic driving experience of the Bentley models that are available on rent. The allegiance and power of Bentley are what defines the exclusive nature of the Bentley rental.

In the year 1998, BMW started to supply engines to Bentley such as a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine so that the old engines used in Bentley could be replaced. The old engines that were used were 6.75-liter ones.

Conclusively, Bentley has been one of the most amazing and popular cars in the world.
Therefore, we are here to fulfill your dream to drive Bentley at affordable prices.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on your favorite Bentley rental model and book your choice now!