Luxury and Exotic props for media productions

Movies are a form of art that filmmakers create to depict human experiences and affect lives. All elements and details planned should all fall into place to make a perfect film. The same is true for music video productions and photoshoots. The videos give meaning and depth to the song. Hence, scripts and props should be flawless. 

Good thing mph club has its Luxury and Exotic props for media productions where you can partner with us to provide you with your exotic cars, luxury cars, yachts, jets, locations and more!

Exotic and Luxury Cars

We have different luxury and exotic cars in our fleet—you name it! Visit our office or browse through our website, and the glory of our cars will speak for themselves. 

If you need cars that reflect wealth, extravagance and affluence, you can browse through or get a drive experience in one of our Lamborghini, BentleyFerrari or Rolls Royce. Try it for yourself first before you incorporate them in your movies or music videos for inspiration or to get the perfect unit. 

Need cars that can drive in full speed and roar while flaunting their visually pleasing designs? We have Bugatti, McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari exotic cars ready to give you the race driver feels and vibe anytime. You won’t need an artificial soundtrack for engine sounds, we have plenty of them. No special effects are also needed to portray speed—our cars will give you authentic swiftness in one take!

Yachts and Jets

We have also started dominating the seas and the skies with our yachts and jets. Delegate to us the task of looking for the finest vessels you can navigate in different bodies of water or pilot to different destinations. 

To get an idea of how our yachts and jets can be valuable props to your production, you can watch the music video of Ozuna and Anuell AA’s song “Cambio” to see our very own twinjet aircraft, Gulfstream G450, enjoying the limelight.

Young Greatness’ music video for his song “Big Tymer” shows his descent in one of our jets, and Rick Ross’ music video for his song “Trap Trap Trap” also has one of our jets and our cars in the background to reflect the luxurious feel their songs connote. 

Our yacht, on the other hand, made its debut in Taylor Swift’s song “End game.”

You can also have these luxuries and rich vibe in your movies, photoshoots and videos, just give us a call.

Consultation for the Best Production locations

We also provide consultation for the best sites in Miami and around Florida where you can shoot your video or movies with our cars, yachts and jets

Providing logistics of all we can offer will be discussed with you at the time of your convenience. We are more than happy to answer all your inquiries about our Luxury and Exotic props for media productions.

Contact us now at 888-674-4044, so we can start discussing the details. You may personally visit us, so you can see firsthand our fleet of cars, yachts and jets.

Check out our Luxury and Exotic props in music videos and movies by visiting our YouTube channel.