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We are providing you with this excellent opportunity to rent and drive a special supercar like a Ferrari by getting a Ferrari rental in Miami from mph club.

Some of the Ferrari models for rent are so famous that anybody will guess the car at first glance, for example, a Ferrari 488 spider has such a beautiful and unique body that even a child who has very less knowledge about cars can also guess the model.

And guess what? We have this beautiful beast in our fleet and you can rent it right now! So what are you waiting for? Get your most liked Ferrari Rental now from our Ferrari rental Miami website.


Luxury exotic vehicles are always associated to a luxury lifestyle, and what better city to associate luxury with than Miami! Miami is home to the elite and those that indulge in the luxuries of life, like renting a Ferrari. This city has always been a worldwide attractive city where people travel from all over the world to experience the excitement that the city brings.

Whether it is the luxury lifestyle, crazy nightlife, or the hundreds of other things to do, planning a trip down to Miami will always keep you on your toes.

But, an exciting trip needs is an even more exciting car, here is where mph club comes in! mph club is your go-to for all Ferrari rentals when in Miami. Be a part of the high-end living by taking a seat behind one of our Ferraris for Rent. A vehicle that is sure to turn heads as you cruise down the sunny streets.

We guarantee you this experience will leave you with lasting memories. We at mph club strive to give you the best of the best and nothing less because you deserve it, so rent with us today!

mph club is giving everybody the option to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB or if you prefer a Ferrari 458 Spider, we have the biggest collection of Ferrari for rent in miami.

Ferrari rental in Miami works because we want people to enjoy and make their dream come true by driving in a hot dashing Ferrari of their choice. Ferrari is a top-notch sports car that is a dream drive of almost every car lover! Its smooth ride must not be missed, especially when you’re getting this amazing chance to get Ferrari rental in Miami at most affordable prices!


What makes Ferrari’s so special, is  Ferrari’s utilization of race technology in their streetcars. Furthermore, there are some facts about Ferraris that very few people know about.

One of them is that Ferrari rental has never made an SUV and most likely has intended to never make one because Ferraris rentals stick to only one thing and that is “racing cars” which makes it very special for everybody as there is a quote “jack of all master of none” and that is the reason Ferrari has mastered in Racing cars and has become so much popular.


A brand that is nothing short of recognizable. Probably the first exotic car that any one has ever fell in love with. The Ferrari brand has shaped the way in the automotive industry.

They have evolved tremendously over time and have maintained an exclusive brand for those who have a knack for not only speed, but the best of the best in performance. The Ferrari has built their brand so successfully over the years based on the simple fact that they strive to offer quality vehicles that are nothing short of perfection.

Manufactured by a team of highly skilled mechanics and designers using the best parts and production systems, the Ferrari is a precisely put together car that it would be very hard to deny its perfection. With vehicles that never seize to wow us and the anticipation that is built around their new vehicle release for the season is the excitement that the brand gives not only to their primary buyers but also to their spectators, which is more than just a large Ferrari fan base it’s a family.

Enzo Ferrari started the company on his own name in 1939 and built his first car in 1940. Ferrari is considered as one of the greatest names in automobiles history not only because of its popularity but also for its exclusiveness on roads. There was a time when Ferrari was very popular amongst people. This was the time of 1950’s when Ferrari became very famous all around the world because the marque celebrated the first in a whole string of victories that would result in Scuderia Ferrari becoming the most successful team in formula 1 history!



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