BMW 850I

Just when we were more than content with the variety of luxury vehicles that BMW offered us they had to hit us with an exotic- the BMW I8, which turned our imagination of the future of automobiles into a reality.

BMW for years has always been consistent with the luxury vehicles that they offer its clients. Whether it’s the sedan series’, sports package or the SUVs – they have built a brand that has made its mark in the industry as one of the leading providers of high end automobiles.

This vehicle brand has a wide target market, providing vehicles that attract the modern day working professional down to the young adult looking for something sporty and trendy- this wide target market is what has brought brand awareness to a brand that year after year keeps on delivering the best quality vehicles in this ever changing automotive industry.

Adapting their designs with the advancements in technology of today, they have generated vehicles that give us a sneak peek into the future of automobiles and with that being said the BMW I8 is the perfect example of that. An exotic car that houses advanced technology and has adapted to the modern world is the perfect get away mobile for a trendy and fast paced lifestyle. Of course our BMW rentals are no stranger to the streets of Miami. A city made up of high end living, extravagant night life, exotic cars, and more attracts thousands of people from all over the world who travel to be a part of the luxury lifestyle even just for one day.

But, to be a part of the elite you have to be able to roll with the big boys. If you don’t own an exotic you are not excluded, lucky for you our BMW rentals are at your disposal with mph club. Housing some of the world’s most expensive luxury and exotic vehicles, the BMW I8 is one of our popular rentals amongst visitors to South Florida. We guarantee you that the I8 rental will be one of the most exciting moments of your trip down to Miami as we are not only able to offer you the best vehicle but also the best service. We here at mph club pride ourselves on our fleet and quality service. So, be a part of the club and get behind the wheel of the future of automobiles- the BMW I8!