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Audi Rental Miami, understands the importance of history. The name Audi is based on a Latin translation of the surname of the founder August Horch, and the word itself is the German word for “listen!.”August Horch founded the Company HORCH & CO in 1899. As an inventor, he created his first moving vehicle in 1901 with the aid of 15 close workers. His vehicle had a maximum speed of 32km/h, but Horch was forced to leave his company due to the problems suffered with commercial management. Soon there after, he founded the company “Audi.”And thus, greatness was born. Audi Rental Miami is available for any vehicles clientele prefers.

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The mph club offers you the exquisite Audi. Audi R8 is a perfect, elite, mid-motor supercar flaunting an efficiently suctioned V10 motor, leather-based seats, and all the presence and mentality you could need from an extravagance ricocheting machine for the street.

Have we peaked your Audi interests? Audi Rental Miami is available 24/7/365 for your rental needs. Contact us today, fill out our booking form and we will promptly be in touch.


The History of Audi

The Audi company and brand was established in 1910. Audi was able to win several rallies before the first World War. The recognition helped solidify Audi in the automotive realm and also created brand recognition. Audi was able to establish a worldwide position in automotive placement. During the first World War, Audi was commissioned to build vehicles for the war effort, which created problems for the monumental company after the war effort. Also, just a few years thereafter, the recession settled in on a worldwide scale. Horch left the management team in this time, and a union formed with additional vehicle manufacturers including DKW, HORCH, WANDERER and AUDI. The new company insignia to show the union between these four entities is seen in the logo’s four rings today.

The new union brought a wealth of success in motor sports for more than a decade. The most powerful car built was the 6 liter V 16 engine with 382 KW in 1936. A powerful, beast of a machine that led to motorcycles, engines and different war vehicles which were used during the second World War. With 1970 wide export of Audi to the United States began. At first export to the USA was closed to Audi Super 90 (a sedan and the versatile person). And also the all new Audi 100.

Audi History 2
Audi history 1

In 1982 Audi’s 80 Quattro started to create a huge production of a constant all wheel drive. Gradually the concept “Quattro” began to be offered as well for other series of models of Audi. In autumn 1986, Audi AG presented the 3rd generation of the Audi 80. The 80 had amazing aerodynamics.

After over 13 years in development, Audi succeeded in creating a diesel direct injection, which had previously only been used on trucks, for car diesel engines also. In conjunction with a turbocharger, it was also possible to achieve a super low-loss combustion process which resulted in very economical fuel consumption. In the autumn of 1989, the Audi 100 was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a 2.5-litre five-cylinder TDI engine.

Audi Rental Miami Quattro
Audi Rental Miami Quattro Spyder

In the early 1990’s, the Audi quattro Spyder made a debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The use of aluminum body-shells would be used las a lightweight alternative in future production vehicles.n March 1994, AUDI AG presented its new model in the premium segment, the Audi A8, at the Geneva Motor Show. This was the first production model with all-aluminium body. At the same time a new naming process was introduced for the Audi models. From then on the Audi 80 was known as the A4, the Audi 100 was called the A6. They were followed in 1996 by the Audi A3, the first representative of the compact class. Production of the Audi A2, the first volume-built aluminium car, commenced in June 2000.

After 2000, Audi’s sales grew tremendously, with deliveries to customers increasing by more than 40% in subsequent years. Audi manufactures vehicles in 7 plants all over the world, some being shared by Volkswagen. Audi maintains its prestigious brand and high caliber of vehicles.

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The Audi Experience: Unleashing Luxury and Performance in Miami

Miami, with its vibrant culture, picturesque beaches, and bustling nightlife, offers a perfect backdrop for indulging in luxury and exotic experiences. When it comes to experiencing the pinnacle of automotive elegance, the Audi brand stands out among the rest. What makes Audi cars unique and fascinating? Why renting an Audi in Miami is a brilliant idea? 

  1. Unmatched Engineering and Design Excellence:

    Audi, renowned for its German engineering prowess, has consistently pushed boundaries in terms of design and innovation. The company’s commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in every aspect of their vehicles. From the iconic Single frame grille to the sleek and aerodynamic body lines, Audi cars exude a sense of class and sophistication.

  2. Unleashing Performance:

    These cars are engineered to deliver exhilarating performance on the road. Advanced technologies such as quattro all-wheel drive and Audi’s legendary TFSI engines combine to offer outstanding acceleration, precise handling, and a dynamic driving experience. Renting an Audi in Miami provides the opportunity to unleash the raw power and thrill of driving on the city’s scenic roads and highways.

  3. Cutting-Edge Technology:

    Audi is at the forefront of automotive technology, constantly integrating the latest innovations into their vehicles. The Audi Virtual Cockpit, a digital instrument cluster, offers a customizable and immersive driving experience. The intuitive MMI infotainment system provides seamless connectivity, allowing drivers to easily navigate and control various features. Advanced driver-assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, enhance safety and provide a peace of mind while exploring Miami’s bustling streets.

  4. Luxurious Comfort and Amenities:

    Step inside an Audi, and you’ll be enveloped in opulence. The interior craftsmanship showcases meticulous attention to detail, with premium materials, exquisite finishes, and ergonomic design. Comfort features like heated and ventilated seats, dual-zone climate control, and ambient lighting create an indulgent environment. Whether cruising along Ocean Drive or navigating the streets of Downtown Miami, renting an Audi ensures a refined and luxurious journey.

  5. Aesthetics that Turn Heads:

    Miami is a city that thrives on style and glamour. Renting an Audi allows you to make a bold statement and turn heads wherever you go. The sleek and distinctive design of Audi cars, combined with their iconic LED lighting signature, ensures that you’ll stand out from the crowd. From the picturesque streets of the Art Deco Historic District to the upscale neighborhoods of Miami Beach, an Audi is the perfect companion for those seeking to make an impression.

Experiencing the Magic of Miami

Miami, often referred to as the “Magic City,” is a playground for the affluent and adventurous. With its year-round sunshine, stunning coastal views, and a plethora of attractions, the city offers a captivating experience for car enthusiasts. From cruising along the iconic South Beach to exploring the winding roads of Key Biscayne, an Audi allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy and unique atmosphere of Miami.

Why is a good idea to rent an audi in miami from mph club?

Exceptional Customer Service:
Renting an Audi in Miami comes with exceptional customer service provided by mph club. Mph club understands the importance of delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience to clients. From the moment you make your reservation to the time you return the vehicle, you can expect professionalism, attention to detail, and personalized assistance. Our staff can offer guidance on the features and operation of the Audi, ensuring that you make the most of your rental experience.
  1. Convenient Rental Options:

    Renting an Audi in Miami offers convenience and flexibility. Whether you’re visiting for a short vacation or an extended stay, mph club provides various rental options to suit your needs. You can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly rental periods, allowing you to tailor your rental duration to fit your itinerary. Additionally, mph club offers convenient pick-up and drop-off services throughout Miami, including airports, hotels, and city centers, even to your own front door, making the rental process hassle-free and convenient.

  2. Cost-Effective Luxury:

    Renting an Audi in Miami provides an opportunity to experience luxury without the long-term commitment and expenses associated with owning a high-end vehicle. Luxury cars, such as Audi, often come with a hefty price tag that includes not only the purchase price but also insurance, maintenance, and depreciation costs. By opting to rent an Audi, you can enjoy the luxury, performance, and prestige of driving an Audi while paying a fraction of the overall cost. This allows you to make the most of your time in Miami without compromising on style and comfort.

  3. Unforgettable Memories:

    Renting an Audi in Miami is not merely about transportation; it’s about creating unforgettable memories. The combination of driving a luxury vehicle, exploring Miami’s iconic locations, indulging in exquisite dining experiences, and immersing yourself in the city’s vibrant culture results in a memorable journey. The photographs, stories, and experiences you gain while driving an Audi in Miami will stay with you long after your visit, serving as a reminder of a truly extraordinary and luxurious adventure.

    Renting an Audi in Miami offers a range of unique advantages. From the exceptional engineering and design of Audi vehicles to the unmatched performance, cutting-edge technology, and luxurious comfort they provide, Audi cars are a perfect fit for the vibrant and glamorous atmosphere of Miami. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling drive along the coast, exploring the city’s renowned nightlife, or simply want to experience the pinnacle of automotive elegance, renting an Audi in Miami is a decision that guarantees an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

  4. A Taste of Exclusivity:

    Renting an Audi in Miami grants you access to the world of exclusivity and prestige. Audi cars are synonymous with luxury and refinement, and driving one in Miami elevates your status and sets you apart from the crowd. Whether you’re attending a high-profile event, exploring upscale neighborhoods, or simply enjoying a leisurely drive along the city’s boulevards, an Audi creates an aura of sophistication and exclusivity that enhances your overall experience.



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