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(6.0L W12)

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Bentley Continental gt

Bentley Continental GT is the first of many luxury cars Bentley will offer exotic car brands enthusiasts around the world. This car brand’s history began in 2003, in different car display events like the Geneva Motor Show, Le Mans, Godwood Festival of Speed and the Bentley Drivers Club.  From then on, it has evolved generation by generation, but in any era, Bentley Continental GT is always elegant, efficient and powerful. We are giving you the key to drive these stylish, competent and dominant cars here at mph club through our exotic car rentals

Be ready to drive the latest Bentley Continental GT  which is a sleek two-door coupe with wheels made of alloy that is 20-inch wide. It does not fall short with its deluxe interior which will make you feel great every time you drive it. 

The Bentley Continental GT  has twin-turbochargers which lets you drive up to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. Buckle-up as it can go as fast as 198 mph without giving you the bumps because of its 48V Electronic Active Control system and making you feel the whole experience with Bentley engine burble. 

Reserve your Bentley Continental GT with mph club now and experience its efficiency when switching gears because of its engine of 6.0 litre W12 and dual-clutch transmission of 8-speed. It also offers both high pressure direct injection and port injection, which you can easily adjust depending on your driving needs. Switch to direct injection if you plan to test Bentley Continental GT’s top speed of 206 mph. 

Sit back and relax to a vision of car interior design put into reality because of this brand’s ability to cater to custom made designs from classic monotones paints and different veneer colors. Have all these while you drive comfortably in any speed and type of road with no bumps because of its 48V Active Roll system that protects you from discomfort. 

Ready to take the Bentley GT’s key to elegance, speed and comfort? Contact us at 888-674-4044. Need more inspiration? Visit our Youtube channel for our videos. 

Bentley GT rental driving mph club
Bentley GT rental side view mph club
Bentley GT rental rear view mph club
Bentley GT rental interior mph club

8 speed Auto-Shift with Manual W/OD

207 mph
3.3s (0-60)

13 city / 22 hwy

4 seater

207 mph

13 city / 22 hwy

8 speed Auto-Shift with Manual W/OD

4 seater