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We, at mph club, welcome a new addition to our lustrous fleet of sports cars on rent — The BMW I8 Convertible Rental.

Mph club’s philosophy of working is entirely structured around what the client truly wants. For that reason, all the vehicles of our fleet are expertly maintained, serviced, and are always in immaculate and unsullied condition.

If you’re looking to have a matchless open-air driving experience in the soothing summer breezes of Miami, there is no better choice than going for a one-of-a-kind, top-down BMW I8 Roadster Rental ride.

The roofline of the foldable top is angled piercingly downwards, giving our I8 Roadster rental a much sporty contour than its hard-roofed kind.

There’s absolutely no need of shelling out north of $160,000 from your pocket to fulfill your dream ride; mph club got your back!

We provide the BMW I8 Convertible for rent! Book yourself this ravishing convertible and have your presence felt on the road with a bang!

BMW I8 white rental rear view mph club
BMW I8 white rental roller view mph club
BMW I8 white rental dashboard view mph club
BMW I8 white rental interior view mph club

6-speed automatic

160 mph
4.4s (0-60)

28 mpg / 43 electric

2 seater

160 mph

28 mpg / 43 electric

6-speed automatic

2 seater

Did you know?

The roof of the I8 Convertible Rental consists of a large fabric panel and integrated header rails opens automatically in 15 seconds. It works near-silent full electric operation and stows vertically behind the two-seat cabin at the press of a button.

BMW I8 white rental mph-club


The powertrain of the BMW I8 Roadster Rental is wondrous, as evidenced by an International Engine of the Year award in its achievement catalog.The sporty convertible — BMW I8 Roadster for hire by mph club, employs a TwinPower turbocharged engine with 1.5 liter displacement and a three-cylinder hybrid motor powerhouse. This high-power engine is hooked to a six-speed automatic transmission that delivers 228 HP and 235 lb-ft of torque.Being a hybrid convertible rental, there’s also an electric motor that punches out 141 HP and 184 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a two-speed automatic transmission. The motor is powered by an 11.6 kWh Lithium-ion battery, which is a critical part of the engine.


The convertible I8 available for hire at mph club is tailor-made for the individuals who prefer leisure along with speed. Its cabin is fitted with two seats, which are cozily designed and covered with all-leather upholstery.Going for our I8 Roadster Rental would mean only one passenger could tag along with you, as the rear seats are removed in favor of the much-desirable soft-top roof.The outrageous design of our I8 Convertible Rental Miami doesn’t imperil the spaciousness and practicality like you would expect. The front legroom is a relaxing 43.2 inches in size so you can easily go ahead and stretch your legs and feet, whereas the front headroom is 38.7 inches, which is much higher than other cars of the same dimensions.Coming to the cockpit of the roomy I8 Rental Miami, it is outfitted in leather from head to base and premium materials make for an impeccable interior appearance through and through, with the glossy carbon fiber peeping through from the chassis.The visibility through its wide angled windscreen is also exceptional, contributing to the I8’s ability to be driven with better control and maneuverability.Additionally, our sleek and angular BMW I8 Roadster Rental comes with a dependable amount of storage space inside the cabin in the forms of an adequately big middle console, two large cup holders, and a sizable glovebox — all of which compensate more than enough for the vest-pocket 2.3 cubic-foot trunk.
All in all, this formidable car dishes out a combined total of 369 HP and 420 lb-ft of torque to all the corners. Such a power-packed engine allows our BMW I8 Roadster to go from 0 – 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds!Mph club’s I8 rental serves the best for those who don’t settle for anything less than magnificent! It is as sharp of a sports car as any you’ll ever see on the road and when behind its steering wheel, once you get a taste of the sensation of its speed, it’ll pull you in to keep on driving this addicting convertible car rental.Over and above everything else, our BMW I8 has agile and supple suspension, which makes it ideal to cruise around in. Despite its size being a little larger than your average set of wheels, the jolting smart design makes it feels incredibly deft and effortless to maneuver.


One look at this splendid car and you’ll know it is ahead of its time!Neat, sweeping lines, a low-lying body, and a pointed muzzle keep every bit of this beast of a car futuristic in exterior appearance.The sharp and angular styling of this elite supercar rental looks perfect, coupled with the exceptionally looking vertically opening doors, to roll in dramatic style anywhere you go. These scissor doors take you to the stunning cabin as described above.The mesmerizing LED lighting that dominates the exterior in the front and the rear of this car adds a unique touch to its flashy looks!However, the power-retractable convertible roof is the absolute scene-stealer that’ll make the sunny days of Miami tough to resist.Our supreme, stable, and stupendous BMW I8 Rental rests on light-alloy wheels, of 20 inches in size that provide the dazzling maneuverability this car is known for.This car takes everything a step further with its iconic U-shaped tail light configuration and dual wind channels for maximum aerodynamic support, which enhances the driving experience by leaps and bounds the longer you ride!


The BMW I8 Rental offered by the mph club will unquestionably appeal to those fascinated by a luxury car that also offers speed, sustainability, and the touch and feel of a race car.Right from the first glance, our BMW Convertible I8 Roadster Rental expresses its transit towards the future with its dihedral doors that open vertically, akin to an eagle spreading its fierce wings.The aerodynamic design of this monster helps keep a low center of gravity, providing unparalleled stability and high-level performance.It’ll easily outshine all other cars on the road by its excellent gripping and handling mechanisms, all thanks to its long and wide wheel-base, air resistance traits, and revolutionary use of carbon fiber materials that weigh much lighter but still are as strong as steel.Allow yourself to have the experience of the class and grace that comes with mph club’s BMW I8 Roadster rental and we guarantee you’ll treasure each moment spent cruising around this convertible under the pleasant Florida sun.Hire the astonishing convertible BMW I8 today at!

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The BMW I8 is powered by a lithium-ion battery, ensuring a environmentally friendly smooth ride. This dream car currently has a 2 year waiting list for purchase, but is available to rent today here at mph club.


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