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Starting At:


100 miles per day included,

$3 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

1 Rental Day = 24 hours




(3.0L, I-6)


With stunning beaches, warm weather, ocean drive, live music scene, Miami has everything to charm you. Indeed it has an attraction for everyone. For visiting these beautiful and eye-catching scenes, you need a car that adds more glory and excitement to your trips. So you need the best rental car company that provides you with the best services without any hassle. mph club has the most complete fleet of luxury and exotic cars for rent in the US. We go above and beyond to make sure we provide our clients the most satisfying rental services so we can fulfill their expectations. 

There’s no doubt the BMW M4 is an awesome sporty and luxurious performance rental and one that meets all the targets BMW set for it when it morphed from the fourth-generation M3 Coupe, into the M4. BMW wanted its legendary motor to have more torque, more power, less weight, and even better performance – and, on all counts, the BWM M4 rental Miami was able to deliver on the promises.

The M4 rental it’s beautifully made within and there are some M-specific details to lift the ambiance, for example, extended Merino leather, Anthracite headlining, seats bearing an illuminated M logo, and an M-branded instrument cluster, and a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel.

BMW M4 rental side view mph club
BMW M4 rental rear view mph club
BMW M4 rental driving view mph club
BMW M4 rental interior view mph club

189 mph

17 city / 26 hwy

7-speed Dual-Clutch Automatic

4 seater

Did you know?

Inside the M4 rental and you’ll notice that it’s built for the driver. There are a number of new parts that are exclusive to the M4, such as an M steering wheel, an M instrument cluster, and a set of sport seats. The dash is angled towards the driver and gives excellent ergonomics.

BMW M4 rental mph club


People are very demanding when it comes to the interior of a car, BMW knows this very well and always makes sure the interior of every BMW model is to the standard of the most demanding customers. 

The M4 rental never compromises on its interior and has a full cozy and sophisticated space for its occupants. So, you can enjoy your expectations. It’s a snug interior and has so many features in it that make you delight the whole journey. First of all, its well-furnished interior and premium leather seats are refreshing. The Wi-Fi hotspot with enhanced Bluetooth and USB, wireless charging, a rearview camera, parking sensors, heated steering wheel, and an information-packed head-up display gives a luxurious feel. 

These features will compel you to rent a BMW M4. It is a pleasant journey when you will be in it and feel the real drive.

Are you ready to have such a memorable experience in an entertaining and luxurious ride? Contact us now to reserve your BMW M4 rental service. We are eagerly waiting to serve you user-friendly and remarkable services that will leave a pleasant impression on you.


The BMW M4 rental is offering an unlimited level of awesome and attractive features. Not only does the BMW M4 rental hold a beautiful interior, but it also holds an outstanding exterior. Its dashing look always possesses a remarkable shape. BMW M4 desires to see its riders safe and comfortable. To fulfill this desire, the car has safety equipment that includes radar-based blind-spot monitoring; The most-inspiring features include the Driver Assistance Plus package that consists of the lane-keeping alert, pedestrian protection, camera- and side- and top-view cameras, high- and low-speed automatic braking, and forward-collision warning. Automated parking assist and top and side-view cameras and may be ordered separately.

Don’t only feel surprised to know these exciting features. Get a BMW rental service now to enjoy these.


The performance of a car ensures an effort-free ride. Its performance is one of the reasons that many people wish to rent it at once. Not only its engine but its acceleration and speed are of excellent quality. M4 is a premium performance car with a 6-Cyl Turbo 3.0 Liter engine with 425 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and a torque of 406 lb-ft at a mere 1,850 rpm. It has a 7-speed DCT transmission. It has the best acceleration going from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. All these features make it worth it. Its top speed reached up to 189mph. These outstanding performances will lead you to a thrilling drive. This performance will help you to enjoy the trip with lots of fun.

The M4 rental is not only faster but engaging, which gives you a real feel of the drive. What a brilliant car that contains not only a comfortable interior but also a high performance.


The rental experience in a BMW M4 is ready to give you an adventurous trip. mph club promises you a comfortable ride to enjoy every time you drive a BMW M4 rental. With many class-leading luxuries in it, you’ll surely enjoy every minute of the ride.

An impressive-looking exterior, efficient performance of its twin-turbo engine and the interior of it is just as impressive. This car is perfect for you. Not only the driver but also the riders enjoy every second in it. Highly impressive features are available to entertain you and give you a boredom-free journey. No matter where you have to go, it suits all conditions; there is no worry, it has the best engineering.

mph club has the best and trained staff that try their best to provide the most friendly services. We are waiting for you eagerly. Contact us today and rent your M4. A thrilling trip with a lot of memories and charms is waiting for you.