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A super car brand like Bugatti is without a doubt a perfect choice for those needing to test the adrenaline level and to appreciate a staggering vehicle that needs no further introduction. Bugatti is without a doubt one of the most wanted super cars on the planet and it is a piece of our extravagance vehicles for rent at mph club, additionally at the disposal of anybody needing to profit by a rare means for transportation. Don’t hesitate to test your adrenaline level on board of a Bugatti in the streets of Miami, one of the most costly and known super cars on the planet.

Renting a sports car is a one of a kind opportunity to escape the tiresome schedule and to drive a staggering vehicle you have always longed for. 

For over 100 years, Bugatti is one of the most captivating names in the history of vehicles. The fantasy of Bugatti was made by Ettore Bugatti and his child Jean, who strived in their portrayals and developments for the ideal blend of craftsmanship and innovation. In 1998, the incredible brand turned out to be a part of the Volkswagen Group. Bugatti praised its 110th birthday celebration in 2019 with an exceptional version of the Chiron Sport. The erratic Bugatti “La Voiture Noire” gives recognition to the brilliant period of Ettore and Jean Bugatti during the 1930s.

Bugattis originate from a dreamland (really, France) where the least expensive model expenses about $3 million.



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mph club offers you the Bugatti Veyron, which is the world’s most fastest  roadster allowed to be driven on road – a shocking accomplishment of innovation and engineering.

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The History of Bugatti

Conceived in Milano, Italy, 1881, Ettore was the offspring of Carlo Bugatti who worked as a painter just as a silversmith, as a stone carver and as a carpenter also. By the age of nineteen, Ettore Bugatti had as of late wrapped up his first authentic vehicle. He nailed it. His vehicle had all the earmarks of being for all intents and purposes cutting edge. The vehicle featured a four speed gearbox, a four-chamber overhead-valve engine and a grouping of structuring upgrades that lone a talented and gifted expert could have thought of.

In 1909, getting money related assistance from agent de Vizcaya, Ettore Bugatti purchased a huge property in Molsheim, on the German district of Alsace. Not long after his as of late secured producing plant, Ettore decided to go well beyond and amassed a little, lightweight hustling machine to battle in the Le Mans race. 

Regardless of the way that it looked like a four wheeled littler individual when appeared differently in relation to its goliath adversaries’ vehicles, for instance, a Fiat, De Dietrich and others, the little yet fast and stunning vehicle came in second showing that Ettore was a more skilled vehicle designer when diverged from an enormous number of the more prepared modelers by then. It was 1911.

Ettore Bugatti

The Birth of Bugatti

Bugatti rentals history

Following three years, the war came and Ettore, much like the vast majority of vehicle manufacturers, expected to redistribute his mindfulness in regards to the really important plane engines. At the point when the war was done, Ettore proceeded with his work and after a short time transformed into an ‘aristocrat’ driving an excessive lifestyle that earned him the title of ‘Le Patron’. 

In 1922, Bugatti introduced a dynamic vehicle shaped like a stogie (Type 29/30) which featured weight driven brakes and the maker’s underlying eight-chamber engine. Named “the Cigar” the vehicle made its introduction at the AFC incredible prix in 1922 and came in barely shy of the success. Following one year, Bugatti introduced the Type 32 which made turmoil as a result of its wing-like structure, short wheelbase and made sure about wheels. The Type 32 was named “the Tank” and boasted a redeveloped variation the previous 8-chamber engine.

In 1924 Bugatti entered the Type 35 in the French Grand Prix held in Lyon. While the vehicle’s arrangement went to its time’s regular open-wheels structure, the Type 35 held the previous 8-chamber engine and reliably transformed into the vehicle to beat for the next decade. 

You may have the choice to follow Bugatti’s history back to when it was at first settled in 1909, yet until the Bugatti brand was secured by Volkswagen in 1998, it had a furious way that joined the death of Jean Bugatti and a war-torn assembling plant after World War 2. The association opened another factor and continued on yet continued declining until Ettore Bugatti passed on in 1947. Just five years sometime later, Bugatti halted movement. This time was a basic period for the brand as it exhibited the world models like the Bugatti Type 13, Type 18, and Type 57SC. Bugatti was moreover to some degree productive at hustling in this period as well.

Bugatti rentals classics
Bugatti rental type 57

The association about skiped back in the mid-1950s when Roland Bugatti produced the mid-engined Type 251 race vehicle, anyway it wasn’t powerful, and creation was finished again. All through the accompanying 20 years, Bugatti kept structure plane parts and was over the long haul offered to Hispano-Suiza, which was taken over by Snecma in 1968. That association increased Messier and changed the Bugatti brand into Messier-Bugatti in the last piece of the 1970s. following 10 years, the Bugatti brand was picked up by another component, and its name was changed to Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. This is the association that was at risk for the EB110 GT. In any case, when the EB110 was set up to hit the market, the world was in a downturn, and the association needed to stop exercises again in 1995.

Finally, in 1998, the Volkswagen Group had the choice to make sure about the Bugatti brand, along these lines, everything considered it was renamed Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. Since Volkswagen’s making sure about of the brand, it has been by and large compelling, yet everything started with different thought vehicles – the EB118, EB218, and the 18/3 Chiron. It wasn’t until 2005 that the new Bugatti started conveying typical creation vehicles, and that is where we initially took a gander at the Veyron. following 10 years, the Chiron turned out to be perhaps the most significant factor, and the association is up ’til now making models reliant on it, including the Divo and the La Voiture Noire. Under the organization of VAG, more likely than not, Bugatti will remain powerful all through the not all that far off.

Bugatti rental 1930 type 57

Unveiling the Bugatti: A Symphony of Power, Elegance, and Prestige

The Bugatti, a name that resonates with opulence, precision, and unmatched engineering prowess, represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence. Since its inception, the Bugatti brand has stood as an emblem of automotive innovation, combining stunning design with extraordinary performance.

Bugatti: A Legacy of Excellence

The Bugatti legacy dates back to 1909 when Ettore Bugatti, an Italian-born engineer and designer, founded the company in Molsheim, France. From the beginning, Bugatti’s vision was to create automobiles that excelled in both performance and aesthetics. The brand’s early success can be attributed to Ettore Bugatti’s relentless pursuit of perfection, resulting in iconic models such as the Type 13, Type 35, and Type 57.

Unique Features of Bugatti Rental Miami

  1. Unmatched Performance: Bugatti cars are renowned for their blistering speed and unrivaled power. The pinnacle of Bugatti’s engineering excellence is exemplified by models like the Veyron and Chiron, which boast mind-boggling top speeds and acceleration capabilities.
  2. Striking Design: Bugatti vehicles are a work of art, blending cutting-edge technology with timeless design elements. The signature Bugatti aesthetic features sleek lines, distinctive horseshoe grilles, and a perfect balance between elegance and aggression.
  3. Handcrafted Luxury: Each Bugatti vehicle is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. From the hand-stitched leather interiors to the exquisite attention to detail, every aspect of a Bugatti is meticulously crafted to provide the utmost comfort and luxury.

What Makes Bugatti Interesting

  • Technological Marvel: Bugatti continually pushes the boundaries of automotive technology. From advanced aerodynamics to pioneering hybrid powertrains, Bugatti constantly strives for innovation and sets new benchmarks in the automotive industry.
  • Limited Production: Bugatti’s exclusivity stems from its limited production numbers. Each model is meticulously hand-built and produced in limited quantities, ensuring rarity and an air of exclusivity that sets it apart from other supercars.
  • Record-Breaking Performance: Bugatti has consistently shattered records, solidifying its position as a leader in the supercar segment. From setting the world speed record with the Veyron Super Sport to the mind-boggling acceleration of the Chiron, Bugatti’s performance figures are simply unparalleled.

Renting a Bugatti in Miami: An Unforgettable Experience 

  • Unmatched Thrills: Miami, known for its vibrant atmosphere and breathtaking coastline, provides an ideal backdrop to experience the raw power and agility of a Bugatti. Renting a Bugatti in Miami allows drivers to unleash its potential on scenic coastal roads and experience the thrill of driving a true automotive masterpiece.
  • Style and Prestige: Miami is a city synonymous with luxury, glamour, and opulence. Renting a Bugatti in Miami allows individuals to immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant culture and elevate their experience with a car that epitomizes style and prestige.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Renting a Bugatti in Miami creates memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s a special occasion, a weekend getaway, or simply indulging in the joy of driving an extraordinary machine, the experience of piloting a Bugatti through Miami’s iconic streets is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Uncompromising Service: At mph club, we understand the importance of providing exceptional service to our clients. When renting a Bugatti in Miami through mph club, customers can expect a seamless rental process, personalized assistance, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure a truly unforgettable experience.The Bugatti brand has carved a niche for itself in the automotive world, representing the epitome of luxury, performance, and prestige. With a rich history steeped in engineering excellence, unique features that set it apart, and a reputation for record-breaking performance, the Bugatti continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Renting a Bugatti in Miami not only allows individuals to experience unparalleled thrills and indulge in luxury, but also provides an opportunity to create unforgettable memories in one of the world’s most vibrant cities. So, embrace the extraordinary, unleash the power, and elevate your experience by renting a Bugatti in Miami.

Enhanced Lifestyle Experience 

Renting a Bugatti in Miami goes beyond the act of driving; it is a lifestyle experience that elevates one’s time in the city. Miami’s vibrant culture, world-renowned nightlife, and stunning coastal scenery perfectly complement the opulence and allure of a Bugatti. From cruising along Ocean Drive to exploring the picturesque Florida Keys, a Bugatti adds an extra layer of excitement and luxury to every moment.
Moreover, the presence of a Bugatti commands attention and admiration wherever you go. Whether it’s arriving at exclusive events, luxury resorts, or fine dining establishments, renting a Bugatti in Miami allows individuals to make a grand entrance and bask in the envy of onlookers. It is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the city’s glamorous lifestyle and create unforgettable memories.
Renting a Bugatti in Miami unlocks a world of unparalleled luxury, performance, and prestige. From its rich history and unique features to its record-breaking performance, a Bugatti is a symbol of automotive excellence. By choosing to rent a Bugatti in Miami, individuals can embrace the extraordinary, indulge in the thrill of driving an iconic supercar, and create unforgettable memories in one of the world’s most vibrant and glamorous cities. So, step into the world of Bugatti and experience automotive perfection like never before.

Seamless Rental Experience

Renting a Bugatti in Miami through mph club ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide a streamlined rental process that maximizes convenience and efficiency.
Our online reservation system allows customers to browse and select their rentall, specify rental dates, and provide necessary details. With just a few clicks, the reservation is confirmed, and the customer can proceed with the rental process.
Upon arrival in Miami, our dedicated staff will ensure a smooth handover of the Bugatti, providing a comprehensive introduction to the vehicle’s features, controls, and safety protocols. We understand that renting a high-performance vehicle like a Bugatti may require some adjustment, especially for those who are not familiar with such powerful machines. Therefore, we offer a brief orientation session to familiarize customers with the vehicle and ensure their comfort and confidence during their rental period.
During the rental, our team remains available 24/7 to address any concerns, provide roadside assistance if necessary, and ensure a prompt resolution of any issues that may arise. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have a worry-free and enjoyable experience throughout their time with the Bugatti.
Renting a Bugatti in Miami through mph club guarantees a seamless and rewarding experience. From the hassle-free rental process to the value for money and exceptional customer service, we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to exceed expectations at every turn. Embrace the opportunity to drive a Bugatti, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Miami, and create unforgettable moments of luxury, performance, and prestige. With mph club, renting a Bugatti becomes a gateway to an extraordinary lifestyle experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Exquisite Customer Support and Additional Services

At mph club, we are committed to providing exemplary customer support and going the extra mile to ensure a memorable experience for our clients. Our knowledgeable and professional team is available to assist with any inquiries, offer personalized recommendations, and provide guidance throughout the rental process.
In addition to our exceptional customer support, we also offer a range of additional services to enhance the Bugatti rental experience in Miami. These services include:
  • Chauffeur Services: For those who prefer to sit back and relax, we offer experienced chauffeurs who are well-versed in handling luxury vehicles like the Bugatti. This service allows clients to enjoy the thrill of being driven in style while exploring the city’s hotspots or attending special events.
  • Delivery and Pickup: To maximize convenience, we offer delivery and pickup services to the location of our clients’ choice. Whether it’s a hotel, airport, or any other specified address, our team will ensure that the Bugatti is delivered and collected promptly and efficiently.
  • Custom Itineraries: We understand that every client’s preferences and interests vary. Our team can help curate personalized itineraries that showcase the best of Miami, incorporating scenic routes, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems. This ensures that clients make the most of their Bugatti rental and experience the city to the fullest.
Renting a Bugatti in Miami through mph club is a gateway to a world of exceptional customer support, additional services, and personalized experiences. We prioritize our clients’ needs and strive to exceed their expectations by providing knowledgeable guidance, a range of tailored services, and a commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience. From chauffeur services to custom itineraries, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients have a seamless and remarkable Bugatti rental experience in the vibrant city of Miami.



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