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At the forefront of American luxury transportation only one brand holds the crown. For the last 114 years Cadillac has continued to set the bar for what it means to deliver quality craftsmanship and reliability.

From its inauguration as a brand in 1902 Cadillac has strived for precision engineering and stylish luxury finishes. They have created a cult like following and generations of loyalty to their brand. Year after year Cadillac continues to supersede its previous new age technology setting an industry standard for safety, entertainment and navigation.

Here at mph club® we have a wide range of different vehicles that we offer our clients and amongst some of our favorites is our Cadillac Escalade. Suitable for a family vacation, couples retreat or even as a chauffeur rental to get you around the city, this vehicle is the perfect fit as it is flexible in catering to your preferences and needs. Since day one Cadillac’s intention was to build luxurious automobiles, they’re not a brand that decided overnight to change their business plan. That being said it’s clear that over the last 114 years Cadillac has continued to expand on what its mean to have a luxury appointed vehicle.

No matter if you’re opening up the door to an iconic large tail finned 1959 El Dorado or a 2016 CT6 you can see that besides obvious exterior and interior detailing not much has changed. Relative to their age both interiors constitute well-engineered control panels and luxury appointed seats, there’s no detailed spared or no imperfection overlooked. Our Escalade rentals are a huge brand favorite amongst our customers. The Escalade is the most premier Suv’s to hit the streets offering an overabundance of space and comfort for its passengers and a plethora of technology to keep everyone entertained and safe.

The new 2016 and up models offer some of the most sophisticated technology such as lane keep assist, safety alert seats, front and rear automatic braking that utilizes radar and ultrasonic sensors, forward collision alerts, rear cross traffic alerts and to much more to name. Americans and fans across the globe can agree that the Escalade is a go to for luxury transportation and comfort. Cadillac is like the U.S. version of Rolls Royce, big shiny grilles and big chrome rims. They’re sleek and stylish, comfortable and exceedingly user friendly. Cadillac spares no expense at performance either, from the turbo 4 cylinder models to the big beefy V8’s all of the engines are designed for optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability. Cadillac is and will remain a top tier choice in the modern luxury world.