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Royal Palm Beach is a city, sometimes referred to as a village, which is located in southeast Florida in Palm Beach County. The village is located inland with an approximation of about fifteen miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s population is always continuously growing with a recorded population 34, 140. Royal Palm Beach is home to a lot of parks and is known for its mission to protect green space. The city not so long ago acquired 190 acres of land which was used to create a master central park and 25 acres which was also persevered to create a bird watching and nature park.

If you are into the outdoors then you will love the village as it offers a variety of different sports and recreational activities. Filled with beautiful palm trees, amazing tropical weather and a few things of interest to get into, Royal Palm Beach is a nice get away from the busy city life. If you are in the Royal Palm Beach Area and are looking for something exciting to do or have a special occasion and are looking for a luxury or exotic vehicle to rent then mph club is just the place you are looking for. mph club specializes in offering you the best in luxury and exotic vehicle rentals in Florida. We aim to wow our clients not only with our exceptional fleet but also with our amazing customer service leaving our clients happy and more than satisfied. We have vehicles that will cater to whatever choice in luxury renting you need.

Our cars range from your fast and furious exotics like our Ferrari 488 Spider or our Lamborghini Huracan to our more luxury yet sporty rides, which you could order with our top of the line chauffer service, such as our Rolls Royce Ghost Series 2 and more. It does not get any better than treating yourself to a rental experience with the mph club because with us impossible is merely a word. Whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want it at, we will provide it for you. Do not waste time, book your luxury rental with mph club now and have a taste of the luxury lifestyle.

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